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==Cinema Tools==
The following are AppleCare technical documents and are considered the "definitive" answer to your Cinema Tools problem.
That is if the answer you are looking for is in one of these docs.
We will continue to add to this list as Apple adds to the list. <br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools Support ]'''<br>
'''Late-Breaking News About Cinema Tools 3.1.2'''<br>
Page 1. 1 Late-Breaking News About Cinema Tools 3 This document provides updated information about Cinema Tools 3 and covers these ...
*'''[ Cinema Tools Manual]<br>
'''Cinema Tools 3 User Manual'''<br>
Page 1. Cinema Tools 3 User Manual Page 2. Apple Computer, Inc. © 2005 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. Under the copyright ...<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools User Manual]<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools 2: Late-Breaking News] <br>
For example, you would edit the "Cinema Tools -23.98fps from DV NTSC" file name to look like this: Cinema Tools - 23.98fps from DV...<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 93162<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools For FCP: No Cut List is Produced]'''<br>
... application. This document contains information from the Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro User Manual...<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 51782<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools For FCP: The Key Numbers in the Cut List Do Not Match ...]'''<br>
... Try recapturing the clips. This document contains information from the Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro User Manual...<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 51785<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools 2: About What's New]'''<br>
... Cinema Tools detects the pull-down pattern of clips sourced from these cameras, further automating the reverse telecine process.<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 93163<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools: An Introduction to Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro]''<br>
'... This document contains information from Cinema Tools Help.<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 37110<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools For FCP: Dropped Frame Errors When Using the Reverse ...]'''<br>
... process. This document contains information from the Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro User Manual...<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 51786<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools For FCP]: <br>
You See Warnings About Duplicate Usages of...]'''<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 51784<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools: Empty Scene and Take Fields May Not Be Populated]'''<br>
... or: Use a hyphen in the clip name. Cinema Tools will parse the information after the hyphen as the scene and take...<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 93152<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools For FCP]''' <br>
In the Cut List, You See an Error About a...]'''<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 51788<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools For FCP:]''' <br>
There Are Missing Elements Reported in the ...<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 51783<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools For FCP]''' <br>
You See Unexpected .tmp Files <br>
... them. <br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 51787<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools 1.0:]'''
Nested Sequences May Result In Inaccurate Cut ..<br>
'... Products affected: Cinema Tools 1.0. Solution Avoid using nested sequences when producing cut lists from Cinema Tools...<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 61631<br>
*'''[ Cinema Tools 1.0: Cannot Handle Keynumbers Beyond 9999]'''<br>
... Products affected: Cinema Tools 1.0. Solution Upgrade to Final Cut Pro 4.0, which includes Cinema Tools 2.0...<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 93153<br>
*'''[ How to Install Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro 3]''' <br>
Note: Final Cut Pro 4 includes Cinema Tools 2. The Final Cut Pro 4 installer installs both programs...<br>
2004-09-20— Document No. 37131<br>
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Final Cut Pro

The following are AppleCare technical documents and are considered the "definitive" answer to your Final Cut Pro problem. That is if the answer you are looking for is in one of these docs. We will continue to add to this list as Apple adds to the list. As of this writing the list covers FCP 5.0 to 6x only. Final Cut Pro Support

Find Apple Final Cut Studio QT Video Tutorials HERE

Learn about PCI Express (PCIe) slot configuration for Mac Pro computers manufactured before 2008. Mac Pro (Early 2008) computers and later automatically configure bandwidth of the PCIe slots.

If you use an AJA Kona card for video capture and playback with a Mac Pro, there are a number of factors you should consider to enhance performance. The most common issues and solutions are...

With QuickTime 7.4 or later installed, some older encoders (codecs) may appear to be missing in the export options in applications that export QuickTime files, such as Final Cut Pro or Compressor or from the export options in QuickTime Player Pro.

Dropped frames in Final Cut Pro are usually caused by hardware configuration issues. This document covers a number of reasons dropped frames may occur, and ways to address them.

The aluminum Apple Keyboard (2007) includes additional media keys and newly-labeled keys which may seem to replace the functionality of certain application-specific function keys, such as the F10 function "Overwrite Edit" in Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express.

In Final Cut Pro 6.0.2, snapping may become enabled when it's not desired if you hold the Option key while dragging an edit point in the Timeline. In regular use, holding the Option key while dragging the audio or video of a linked item allows you to trim either the audio or the video of a clip independently, without having to unlink that clip.

On PowerPC-based Macs and when the Video Scopes window is open, Final Cut Pro may unexpectedly require rendering before outputting to tape.

When working with multiple tracks in Final Cut Pro, you may find it useful to turn off visibility for some onscreen elements to focus on a particular area of detail in a sequence.

Standard tapeless workflows involve reformatting and reusing the memory cards used for shooting. Before reformatting the cards, it's prudent to make a backup copy of your media on hard disk, whether for safety or for recapture later on. This article discusses guidelines for reliable backup.

When you open certain Final Cut Pro projects, you may see the following message: This project is unreadable or may be too new for this version of Final Cut.

When you perform a Capture Now to acquire HDV media in Final Cut Pro and the capture passes the area of recorded HDV video at the end of a tape, pressing the Escape key may not end the capture

The choices in the Sequence > Render All submenu will render all the clips in a sequence (Both, Video, or Audio) that correspond to the render categories that are enabled (listed with checkmarks).

When using Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express with a FireWire device, you may occasionally encounter unexpected behavior with video, audio, or device control.

Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express may quit unexpectedly when using the Log and Transfer window to preview AVCHD media from a Panasonic HDC-SD9 camcorder.

If your Mac Pro has Mac OS X 10.5.2 Leopard and a Kona 3 PCI Express (PCIe) card, a kernel panic may occur in some unsupported PCIe slot configurations. Specifically, this may occur if the PCIe slot hosting the Kona 3 card is configured as an x1 lane slot.

On computers with Mac OS X 10.4, Final Cut Pro 6 may quit unexpectedly while you're using the Log and Transfer window to transfer media from Panasonic P2 cards. If you have multiple P2 volumes mounted simultaneously, the likelihood of this happening may increase.

When you capture footage from an HDV camera using Final Cut Pro, the image displayed in the capture window may lag slightly behind the image displayed on the camera. This is normal and does not indicate any issue with Final Cut Pro or your camera.

If you create a project using Final Cut Studio on a computer with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and then open that project in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, in some cases you may see a message like the following (as seen in Final Cut Pro):...

On computers with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, clips in the Apple ProRes 422 format may not play back smoothly in Final Cut Pro if they are larger than HD size in dimension.

Imported audio-only files in a sequence with PAL video may drift out of sync in some cases.

Issue: Final Cut Pro 4 and earlier versions are not supported on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

The disk that contains your computer’s operating system is called the startup disk or boot disk. ...
2007-11-19 — Document No. 58636

Final Cut Studio: Color space settings for REDCODE to ProRes transcoding.
Issue. When using Compressor 3.0.2 to transcode clips from ...
2007-11-20 — Document No. 307061

Issue. On computers running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Master...
2007-11-19 — Document No. 306892

When usingFinal Cut Studio in a configuration that uses more than ...
2007-11-12 — Document No. 306913

Hard disk drives are sometimes sold pre-formatted ...
2007-11-15 — Document No. 306971

Issue. When capturing from the JVC GY-HD250U camcorder, it's possible ...
2007-11-14 — Document No. 306930

Dropped frames in Final Cut Pro are usually caused by hardware configuration issues. ...
2007-11-16 — Document No. 58640

Issue.Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 and Motion 3.0.2, along with the Pro...
2007-11-15 — Document No. 307045

Issue. Final Cut Pro 6 may unexpectedly quit when attempting to transfer AVCHD...
2007-11-09 — Document No. 306922

Issue. If you use Master Templates in Final Cut...
2007-10-02 — Document No. 306595

Issue. If you install Final Cut Studio 2 after having installed Logic ...
2007-09-26 — Document No. 306567

Issue or symptom. If you use the Send To Soundtrack ...
2007-09-17 — Document No. 306370

This advanced article discusses workflow ideas for incorporating 1080p24...
2007-09-11 — Document No. 306389

Issue or symptom. In Final Cut Pro 6.0.1, if you attempt ...
2007-07-27 — Document No. 306072

Issue or symptom. In some cases, rendered items may...
2007-07-26 — Document No. 306068

Issue or symptom. Performing...
2007-07-23 — Document No. 306080

You can transfer AVCHD footage to your scratch disk using the Log and Transfer window in Final Cut Pro. ...
2007-07-16 — Document No. 305997

About loading network settings on a per-workstation basis. Final Cut Pro checks local and network directories on startup. ...
2007-07-11 — Document No. 305965

Master templates in Final Cut Pro are templates created in Motion that ...
2007-07-11 — Document No. 305967

A spanned AVCHD clip is a clip that consists of two or more media files. Spanned...
2007-07-03 — Document No. 305833

HD ProRes 422 capture requires Mac Pro or Power Mac G5 Quad 2.5 Ghz. Capturing HD resolution video using the ...
2007-06-29 — Document No. 305582

Issue or symptom.Final Cut Pro 6.0.1's Log and Transfer window allows ...
2007-06-29 — Document No. 305831

Issue or symptom. If you are using Final Cut...
2007-06-26 — Document No. 305734

Issue. Final Cut Pro may drop video frames in ...
2007-06-14 — Document No. 305177

If you're capturing 720p HD media at 60 frames per ...
2007-06-11 — Document No. 302917

Capturing HD resolution video using the ProRes 422 format requires a Mac Pro with Intel Xeon processors and a qualified third-party capture card.
2007-06-01— Document No. 305582

Final Cut Studio 2 supports the preview and playback of CAF (Apple Core Audio Format) audio content. ...
2007-05-29 — Document No. 305561

Issue. If you have installed third-party appearance modifications ...
2007-05-31— Document No. 305566

Many FxPlug filters in Final Cut Pro and Motion are able to generate very high RGB values, even extending beyond the gamut of traditional video.
2007-05-23— Document No. 305548

This document discusses some details to keep in mind when exporting OMF files from Final Cut Pro. ...
2007-05-17 — Document No. 305431

Final Cut Pro 6: Subclips in multiclips in mixed-frame-rate sequences. Background. Normally, in cases where a subclip's frame rate and a sequence's frame rate do not match, adding the subclip to the sequence may cause the subclip limits to be adjusted and new clip In and Out points to be set.
2007-05-17 — Document No. 305473

Issue. If you use Final Cut Pro to send a selection to Soundtrack Pro ...
2007-05-17 — Document No. 305466

Issue. Final Cut Pro's Digital Cinema Desktop feature may display a blank white ...
2007-05-15 — Document No. 305502

... You may already be familiar with this filter, as it was also available in Motion2. In Final Cut Studio 2, the Outer Glow filter is available in both ...
2007-05-17 — Document No. 305504

Don't keep older versions of applications when upgrading. Issue. Earlier versions of the applications in Final ...
2007-05-17 — Document No. 305389

Installation progress sometimes remains at 100%. Issue or symptom. At some points of the Final Cut Studio installation the progress indicator may stay at 100% for longer than the "Time Remaining" indicates.
2007-05-17 — Document No. 305412

Pro applications on PowerPC computers may quit unexpectedly on launch or quit, or display non-customary menus and dialogs. If you ...
2007-05-17 — Document No. 301838

To capture video footage from a DV camcorder or deck into Final Cut Pro 5, you need to properly connect the device to your computer and turn it on.
2007-06-08 — Document No. 301506

Final Cut Pro: Avoid using both drop frame and non-drop frame timecode on the same tape. Capturing from tapes recorded with both ...
2007-06-04 — Document No. 304359 /Library/QuickTime/, Final Cut Pro may fail to start. ... Final Cut Pro 5. ... issue is addressed by the QuickTime 7.1.5 Update ...
2007-03-07 — Document No. 304477

Issue. Final Cut Pro 4.5 and Final Cut Express 3.0 may drop frames...
2007-03-21— Document No. 305284

Final Cut Pro: Restart Final Cut Pro after sleep to prevent display issues. Issue. If you put your computer to sleep while Final Cut ...
2007-03-09— Document No. 305216

Final Cut Pro: Subclip sent to Soundtrack Pro may be longer than intended. Issue or symptom. When you send a subclip from Final Cut Pro to a Soundtrack Pro Audio ...
2007-03-05— Document No. 305198

Final Cut Pro: Using CMYK JPEG Images. Convert JPEG image files that use the CMYK color space so they use the RGB color space. Final ...
2007-03-07— Document No. 93522

The Edit to Tape features in Final Cut Pro require precise ...
2007-01-09— Document No. 304959

Final Cut Studio's performance benefit ...
2007-02-26 — Document No. 304492

If you name a P2 clip with a very long name in the Import Panasonic P2 window, it's possible that the clip might not be added to your project when you import.
2007-02-28 — Document No. 305179

... as well as any traffic on the network generated by ... smooth transfer of video and audio data needed by Final Cut Pro. (This includes "wired" Ethernet formats, as ...
2007-02-15— Document No. 305131

Blank image may result if the end of a sequence is exported as a Photoshop image. Issue. If you export a still image ...
2007-01-16— Document No. 304982

Don't rename or relocate Final Cut Studio ... While Final Cut Studio applications may perform normally in many cases if renamed, or if ...
2007-01-17 — Document No. 304983

Video out from Motion or Final Cut Pro is sometimes sporadic. Issue or symptom. Video out to an external monitor ...
2007-01-16 — Document No. 304979

FxPlug Restrictions and Troubleshooting.
2006-09-30— Document No. 304471

Issue. Final Cut Pro 5 may unexpectedly quit when using the Import Panasonic P2 feature ...
2006-12-05— Document No. 304866

2006-12-13— Document No. 304881

2006-01-13— Document No. 58640

2006-12-13 — Document No. 304885

it's possible for Final Cut Pro to enter a condition where it may unexpectedly quit
..2006-07-19— Document No. 304033

Issue. If you have a multiclip that has unexpectedly lost ...
2006-10-31— Document No. 304667

When capturing DVCPRO HD footage over FireWire ...
2005-08-31— Document No. 302158

... Duplicate frames at the In point. Solution. Update to Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 to prevent these symptoms.
2006-10-10— Document No. 302458

2005-05-11— Document No. 301197

Summary. This document discusses an issue that can occur ...
2006-07-25— Document No. 304073

2006-11-07— Document No. 301838

Final Cut Pro's preferences include a setting that lets you set ...
2006-07-29— Document No. 304098

Summary. Some of the applications included with Final Cut Studio are ...
2006-10-24— Document No. 304214

When working with still-image clips, Cross ...
2006-09-29— Document No. 304467

Capturing from tapes recorded with both...
2006-09-15— Document No. 304359

Final Cut Pro allows you to make a number of settings that ...
2006-06-28— Document No. 303953

... while it is being controlled, effectively hiding the screen contents behind a "curtain."Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 cannot be ..
2006-10-18— Document No. 304564

In some cases, Final Cut Pro will drop frames when ...
2006-06-03— Document No. 303815

On a computer with more than 4 GB of RAM installed, you may notice that Final Cut ...
2006-10-03— Document No. 93844

Using the Broadcast Safe filter is a good way to ensure that the levels in your ...
2006-05-30— Document No. 303801

Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 won't open after installing Motion 2.1. If you install ...
2006-09-28— Document No. 304456

Issue or Symptom. You may be unable to ...
2006-09-26— Document No. 304445

If you are using an Apple Xserve RAID for video in high data rate formats ...
2006-05-30— Document No. 303809

... Although there are several de facto ways this information is stored, Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 does not support reading this information. ...
2006-10-27— Document No. 304660

Final Cut Pro's performance benefits from ...
2006-10-04— Document No. 304492

.. For further information on settings or installation, please refer to the Final Cut Pro documentation available on your...
2006-06-02— Document No. 302337

2006-01-13— Document No. 58640

.. project in Motion. Instead, the .motn project opens in QuickTime Player. Products affected. Final Cut Pro 5. Solution. In the majority ...
2006-09-02— Document No. 304255

.. When you switch back to Final Cut Pro, the clip will display correctly. Products affected. Final Cut Pro 5; Motion 2; Final Cut Studio. ...
2006-01-17— Document No. 303143

In Final Cut Pro 5.1, the QuickTime variant of the Sharpen ...
2006-04-07— Document No. 303559

But the issue can still occur in Final Cut Pro 5.1.1 if the project contains 720p/24pn P2 media that was imported using an earlier version of Final Cut Pro 5. ...
2006-06-26— Document No. 303950

Final Cut Pro 5.1.2. ... FCP Uncompressed 422.component; IMXCodec.component; LiveType.component; Motion ...
2006-10-16— Document No. 304477

If you're using Final Cut Pro to capture media from a Canon XL H1 ...
2006-07-21— Document No. 304068

If you're using a non-controllable device for audio-only capture in Final...
2006-06-03— Document No. 303811

When using Final Cut Pro 5.x to open clips previously captured with DeckLink 4.x or older drivers, a gamma shift may be seen in the video in some cases...
2006-08-03— Document No. 304118

When Final Cut Pro is rendering ...
2006-10-23— Document No. 304570

After importing a number of XDCAM clips into Final Cut Pro using ...
2006-07-19— Document No. 304033

Issue. While the PowerBook models that operate ...
2006-10-18— Document No. 304565

Learn compatibility information about Final Cut Pro and Final Cut...
Express do not work with a Macintosh Manager server environment
2006-05-24— Document No. 31365

You need a compatible computer with an AGP Quartz Extreme or PCI Express ...
2006-03-09— Document No. 303405

If you're capturing 720p HD media at 60 frames per ...
2006-01-02 — Document No. 302917

What version of Final Cut Pro do I need to qualify for the Final Cut Pro 5 upgrade? ...
2005-05-06— Document No. 301549

To capture video footage from a DV camcorder or deck into ...
2005-05-11— Document No. 301506

Final Cut Pro 5 features HDV video editing, making high definition video ...
2005-05-11— Document No. 301599

Many HDV cameras and decks are able to play and record DV as ...
2005-10-04— Document No. 302407

The first time you open Final Cut Pro 5, a dialog opens, prompting -
2005-10-07— Document No. 302471

To do this, select one or more clips in a Final Cut Pro 5 project, then choose File > Send to Shake. ...
2005-06-30— Document No. 301776

Final Cut Pro 5: Computer and Camera show different points in time while capturing HDV. Notes...
2005-05-11— Document No. 301405

As mentioned in theFinal Cut Pro 5 List of Qualified Devices, Final Cut Pro 5...
2005-09-21— Document No. 302402

When you capture HDV footage, Final Cut Pro can automatically ...
2005-06-03— Document No. 301715

Final Cut ... motion effects"); Filters attached to Final Cut Pro 5 clips. ...
2005-06-30— Document No. 301777

This ... WARNING: The Final Cut Pro 5 Installer checks system requirements before installing. If...
2005-05-11— Document No. 301576

If you're working in Final Cut Pro ...
2005-11-19— Document No. 302873

How you set the Final Cut Pro Scratch Disk on an Xsan volume ...
2005-05-11— Document No. 301197

In Final Cut Pro, you can arrange its windows any number ...
2005-06-20— Document No. 301785

When you capture footage from an HDV (high...
2005-05-11— Document No. 301402

Final Cut Pro 5 features a new filter called Shift Fields. You may have noticed that...
2005-06-10— Document No. 301753

If you're working in PAL using either the Uncompressed 8...
2005-09-15— Document No. 302348

Presets if you can't capture video. If you're using Final Cut...
2005-08-31— Document No. 302159

If you acquire clips via the Import Panasonic P2...
2005-11-10— Document No. 302787

If you control-click an audio track with a linked clip in...
2005-11-14— Document No. 302805

2005-05-11— Document No. 301194

Audio sent from Final Cut Pro 5 to the Soundtrack Pro...
2005-06-08— Document No. 301445

Final Cut Pro 5 supports capturing a number of different media...
2005-12-16— Document No. 302965

If you're familiar with earlier versions of Apple's video production software, and you're now working with Final Cut Pro 5 and DVD Studio Pro 4, you might...
2005-08-19— Document No. 301871

When you send a sequence or...
2005-05-11— Document No. 301285

... This applies to any reference movie that you import into DVD Studio Pro 4 from Final Cut Pro 4, Final Cut Pro HD, or Final Cut Pro 5...
2005-05-11— Document No. 301453

... you can do to resolve the issue. Important: Final Cut Pro 5 requires QuickTime 7.0 or later; it does not work with QuickTime 6...
2005-06-23— Document No. 301852

If you save a Final Cut Pro 5 project, stored on an Xsan 1.x volume, that was previously saved from another workstation during an editing session, you may...
2005-10-24— Document No. 302450

Final Cut Pro 5 supports capturing a number of different media types using FireWire device control...
2005-12-16— Document No. 302965

This document lists device compatibility information intended to assist ...
2005-03-02— Document No. 300939


The following are AppleCare technical documents and are considered the "definitive" answer to your Compressor problem. That is if the answer you are looking for is in one of these docs. We will continue to add to this list as Apple adds to the list.

... on settings or installation, please refer to the Compressor documentation available...
2005-11-29— Document No. 302845

You will not be able to successfully export from Final Cut Pro using Compressor if your computer is set up as a Compressor QuickCluster, or a "Virtual Cluster." If you attempt to send an item from Final Cut Pro to Compressor in such a case, some segments in the job may report "Failed" and processing of the batch will not complete successfully.

File may appear at destination before encoding is complete. Issue or symptom. Compressor batches ...
2007-05-17 — Document No. 304966

... in Compressor's Batch window, or a message appears stating "Unable to connect tobackground ... This can occur due to an issue during Compressor's installation. ...
2007-01-30 — Document No. 93234

... number. Install the Compressor update...
2006-10-25— Document No. 93234

... Install Compressor 2 and Qmaster 2 from your original install disc set then run Software update to...
2006-09-08— Document No. 303967

... Final Cut Pro programs (including Compressor, LiveType, and Soundtrack Pro) don...
2006-01-20— Document No. 93151

... For instance, if you're using Compressor to transcode a sequence from Final Cut Pro in an HD format, to an SD MPEG-2 for...
2006-05-18— Document No. 303739

For more information on distributed processing, open Compressor and choose Help...
2006-02-18— Document No. 301497

Compressor 2 provides support for the new HDV format and enhanced MPEG-2 options for HD...
2006-02-18— Document No. 301493

Compressor 2 ships with a completely new set of Apple presets, representing a wide variety...
2006-02-18— Document No. 301492

Compressor 2 supports high resolution audio up to 64 bits per sample (floating point) and...
2006-02-18— Document No. 301498

Compressor 2.x; QMaster 2.x; Xsan 1.x; DVD Studio Pro 4; Final Cut Studio. Solution...
2006-08-30— Document No. 302279

2006-04-27— Document No. 300732

.. of mono AIFF audio files and then drag the entire group of files into the Batch window in Compressor, the files...
2005-07-13— Document No. 301932

... Compressor 2 settings This document will be updated as more information becomes available...
2005-07-22— Document No. 302019

... As a workaround, do this: In Compressor, apply the setting you wish to use to the source clip in the Batch window...
2005-10-24— Document No. 302511

... Compressor 2 is included with Final Cut Pro 5, DVD Studio Pro 4, Motion 2, and Final Cut Studio...
2005-08-19— Document No. 301871

.. QuickTime Player, Final Cut Pro, and Compressor should not be used to validate an...
2005-08-03— Document No. 302075

.. For more information on distributed processing, open Compressor and choose Help > Distributed Processing Setup...
2005-08-30— Document No. 302210

... make sure that your project is in a location that you have both read and write access to allow Compressor to create...
2005-05-11— Document No. 301600

... Compressor 2 is included with the following Apple products: ...
2005-05-11— Document No. 301480

... To resolve this issue, update Compressor to version 2.0.1 using Software
2005-07-13— Document No. 301927

... This does not occur with Compressor 2 included with Final Cut Studio, Final Cut...
2005-06-10— Document No. 301741

... Products affected. Compressor 2; DVD Studio Pro 4; Final Cut Pro 5; Final Cut Studio. Solution
2005-10-20— Document No. 302073

... to "Never copy source to cluster." For more information, see the Compressor 2 User...
2005-05-11— Document No. 301389


The following are AppleCare technical documents and are considered the "definitive" answer to your LiveType problem. That is if the answer you are looking for is in one of these docs.
We will continue to add to this list as Apple adds to the list.

2004-09-20— Document No. 93210

LiveType Data requires considerable disk space. You can store it on another hard disk. ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93297

LiveType can import markers from Final Cut Pro. You can use them to synchronize ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93250

Learn how to set up LiveType so that anamorphic content created for 16:9 DV ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93302

Some data used by LiveType has considerable storage requirements and ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93294

LiveType's Media Browser window may not open if malformed or damaged fonts are installed. ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93825

A LiveType project might not open as expected if ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93726

Under some circumstances, the External Editors tab (choose ...
2004-12-17— Document No. 300451

When you import ...
2005-04-01— Document No. 300675

Learn how to get LiveType to recognize the India Titler font data for people who use ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93255

An alert can occur if additionalLiveType data has not been installed. Symptom An alert...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93291

If Japanese or Chinese is selected as your preferred language in International ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93798

In LiveType versions ... as Upper. This has been corrected in LiveType 1.2. If ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93828


Update to LiveType 1.1.1 or later. ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93425

If you...subsequently saved. LiveType will warn you first, as in these examples: ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93829

When previewing templates in LiveType's Template Browser, the category ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93256

New LiveType projects are created using default NTSC settings, which should be changed for PAL projects. ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93266

LiveType may not properly handle fonts that use ligatures, or that combine glyphs together.
2004-09-20— Document No. 107974

Older versions of LiveType cannot open projects created in newer versions of LiveType.
2004-09-20— Document No. 93538

To use characters from other languages, use standard system fonts in LiveType instead of LiveFonts. ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93513

This may occur most frequently when you render clips from LiveType becauseLiveType uses the Animation codec instead of the DV codec. ...
2004-09-20— Document No. 93423

Final Cut Server

The following are AppleCare technical documents and are considered the "definitive" answer to your Final Cut Server problem. That is if the answer you are looking for is in one of these docs. We will continue to add to this list as Apple adds to the list.

When you connect to Final Cut Server to download the Java Web Start file using a web browser, the webpage may display a message such as "File not found!" or "Object not found!" The Final Cut Server installer will only install web server components to the default web site included with Mac OS X Server.

Final Cut Server requires specific TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) ports to be open on your server. If you have a firewall configured or you are using the Mac OS X Server firewall, you must enable these ports before you can use Final Cut Server.

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