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How do I get good slow motion?

Probable answers:

A. From Kevin Monahan: The only way to get good quality slow motion is to use the Twixtor Plug-in from Re:Vision in FCP or After Effects. You can do both variable and constant speed effects and the quality is much higher than you see in the stock speed tools in FCP.

B. From Nick Meyers: I've got a "poor-man's" smooth slo-mo that i do in FCP. It really only works with 50% speed, but here it is:

Slow clip to 50% Double clip up on itself. Add de-interlace to both Set one to upper, The other to lower Add the blink filter to the V2 clip, Set to 1 frame on, 1 frame off.

You do need to render a small section and see if you have the right field order, and that can change if you trim the clip. C. From Graeme Nattress: You can use Compressor or Shake for their optical flow to get great slomo, similar to Shake. Or if you just need a nice 50% slowmo from interlaced video, my G Map Frames plugin does that well and fast..

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