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Can't capture HDV Video.

When I try to capture my HDV footage into FCP all I get is a black screen. What gives?

Most likely answer :

From Jude Cotter

Check if your deck is set to 'i-Link Conversion'. This setting causes the deck to down-convert HDV to DV automatically. If this is not what you want, turn it off.

Also, make sure that your project is set up to capture HDV, not DV.

More detail :

From Christina A

With the Canon XH A1 you CANNOT change the settings that you NEED to change if the camera has the FireWire cable plugged INTO it.

  • 1. You FIRST need to disconnect the FireWire cable, then put your camera on VCR/Playback mode.
  • 2. Click on the menu button and go to SIGNAL SETUP. (Since you do not have the FireWire cable plugged in, you can NOW change 2 important settings needed to import HD footage).
  • 3. Under SIGNAL SETUP, scroll down to PLAYBACK STD. Click on that and make sure the HDV is set. NOT the AUTO, it most likely will not import under AUTO. Once the HDV is set, you're half-way there.
  • 4. Next go back to SIGNAL SETUP and scroll down to HD DOWN-CONV and click on this. Make sure it is OFF. Once you set this, you're done.
  • 5. Go back to SIGNAL SETUP and check this settings to make sure they read:
  • 6. You can now plug in your FireWire cable and you will see after a few seconds that these settings turn "gray" and you cannot change them.

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