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lacpug Meets are once again sponsored by Blackmagic Design
for all of 2018 and we are grateful.

Happy New Year. Time for renewal and refreshment and time to take
another look at Final Cut Pro X.

Apple returns to lacpug and they will undoubtedly show off many of the new features in 10.4.

PLUS the brand new shiny iMac Pro will be in the lobby for you to touch and play with. And ask questions and drool over.

Also - A real world case study on how to shave an absurd amount of money
off your next film or documentary with the new features in FCPX 10.4.
This study was just battle tested by 3 teams of filmmakers inlcuding LumaForge,
We Make Movies, Hollywood High School, and The Mobile Film Classroom. And
these 3 teams of filmmakers will be here to show and tell.

If you are at all interested in FCP X 10.4 or use 10.4, then this is the event you
can't miss.

Register NOW.


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Four new videos recorded live at the Oct and Nov 2017 lacpug Meets.

1.) Adobe Audio and Video tools Updates for 2018 - Karl Lee Soule Karl Lee
Soule took us through some of the many many updates to Premiere Pro CC
as well as Audition.

2.) A conversation with Director/Editor Kevin Tent We talked about an editor
directing his first movie, (Crash Pad) and much much more.

3.) How Stranger Things Does It! We welcomed the editorial team from the
hit Netflix series STRANGER THINGS.

4.) Adobe Goes To The Movies - Billy Fox We welcomed editor Billy Fox who
just edited Joseph Kosinski's ONLY THE BRAVE using Premiere Pro CC.


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WATCH: Adobe Premiere Pro and the Pancake Timeline
FREE webinar with Scott Simmons
Tuesday, January 9 at 11:30AM PST.
Sign up for a reminder.


WATCH: Just getting started in editing? Watch this. 13 Creative Film and
Video Editing Techniques


DO: Blackmagic Design Conference and Expo Feb 11-13 in LA The Blackmagic
Design Conference & Expo is the first of its kind educational event. Organized
by FMC in collaboration with Blackmagic Design, the program features 3 full
days of sessions geared toward Blackmagic Design users of all skill levels.
The conference is designed for colorists, DPs, and visual effects artists who
want to take their editing, color and VFX skills to the next level with
Blackmagic Design products.

Learn more: http://www.blackmagicconference.com/

READ: Step Inside the Cutting Room with Eddie Hamilton, ACE and Analyze
the Timeline of “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”
Editor Eddie Hamilton shares his timelines.


READ: Apple’s new iMac Pro has an impressive 200%-300% speed bump.
As you know Apple has shipped the powerful and expensive iMac Pro. Lots
and lots of creatives have put it through the test. Vincent Laforet is one
of them.


READ: Steve Hullfish has published a few more ART OF THE CUTs for you
reading and learning pleasure.

- Lisa Bromwell, ACE on “House of Cards”

- Editing JUMANJI: Mark Helfrich and Steve Edwards https://www.provideocoalition.com/AOTC-Jumanji

- The Assistant editors and VFX editors of Kingsman: The Golden Circle -
Riccardo Bacigalupo (first assistant editor), Tom Coope (first assistant editor),
Chris Frith (assistant editor), Ben Mills (VFX editor), Robbie Gibbon (assistant
VFX editor), and Ryan Axe (trainee assistant editor)
http://bit.ly/2qfO6IK -

- Sidney Wolinsky, ACE on “Shape of Water”

READ AND WATCH: As most of you know FCPX 10.4 is now available in the app
store. As usual there is a ton of free information on the internet helping you
earn and learn all about it. Rather than point you to a bunch of the web sites,
Richard Taylor has compiled an exhaustive list of the best sites you need to visit.


BUY: Excellent FCPX training can be had from: 1.) AppleFinal Cut Pro X 10.4
Complete - Larry Jordan

2.) Ripple Training - Steve Martin

READ: How Does VEGAS Pro 15 Compare to Adobe Premiere, Apple FCP X, Avid
Media Composer and More?


DO: Going to NAB? The 17th Annual Las Vegas SuperMeet will be held once
again at the Rio Hotel, (subject to change) Tuesday, April 10 in Las Vegas.
We will be sending out proposals for Sponsorships on January 9 and then
tickets go on sale in February. Going to be huge. If you are interested in
sponsoring the SuperMeet write us and we will send you all you need to


WATCH: How the original Star Wars was saved in the Edit. A video essay
exploring how Star Wars' editors recut and rearranged Star Wars: A New
Hope to create the cinematic classic it became.


READ: This is just excellent. Very academic, but well worth the read.
Principles of Editing: Notes from NYU Editing Professor Jennifer Ruff


WATCH: Get inspired. RIP Every Frame a Painting. Tony Zhou and Taylor
Ramos have shut down their excellent video series on film. But at least
the videos still exist.


READ: The 9 Most Common Crashes in Premiere Pro, and How to Fix Them


READ and BUY: The Definitive Guide to DaVinci Resolve 14: Editing, Color and
Audio This brand new book from Paul Saccone is a must have for anyone who
wishes to dive deep into DaVinci Resolve 14.


READ: The Pros and Cons of Cutting a Film in DaVinci Resolve Sofi Marshall
cuts a short film using Resolve.


READ: The Secret Power of FCPX Roles And A Trackless Future


Watch: FREE online LIVE video Webinars on Non Fiction filmmaking. Will
feature the best of the best. Hosted by Chuck Braverman. WESTDOC
ONLINE. Premieres on Tuesday, January 9. Sign up for a reminder at:



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lafcpug.org has available sponsorships available. If your company is
interested in sponsoring lafcpug.org head on over to the "How to
Sponsorlacpug" page and read up on the particulars. lacpug does not
exist withoutthe support of sponsors and sponsors get a lot from lacpug.
You will alsohelp us get rid of this "Sponsor lacpug" section of the


See you January 24, 2018 at the next lacpug Meet.

Peace- and bless you Ralph, Charles, Doug, Mik, Pete and Bruce.

Michael Horton "HeadCutter"

lacpug is sponsored in part by:



"Blackmagic Design is dedicated to allowing the highest quality video
to beaffordable to everyone, so the post production and television
industry can become a truly creative industry."

DigitalFilm Tree is a highly unique creative hub where technology and
art converge. Offerings include production, design, effects, color
correction, online finishing, and consulting services.

Upgrade nearly any Mac past factory specs with more RAM, more
storage, and overall faster performance. We also provide refurbished
Macs and accessories.

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