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1. Coup 53 and Walter Murch
2. What’s new on the web site?
3. Articles and Things you Need to Read and Do
4. Lacpug needs another Sponsor.



lacpug Meets are once again sponsored by Blackmagic Design
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Walter Murch and Coup 53

Coup 53 is a documentary from Director Taghi Amarani and editor/writer
Walter Murch. It is the story of Operation Ajax, the CIA/MI6 staged coup in
1953 in Iran that overthrew Prime Minister Mossadegh.

Lacpug is partnering with the filmmakers to bring you a virtual premiere of
Coup 53 on Wednesday, August 19. I’ve seen this doc and it’s a hell of a story,
masterfully told. Your ticket includes an exclusive ZOOM Q and A with Amarani,
Walter Murch and actor Ralph Fiennes the following day.

Lacpug gets 50% of all ticket sales and the filmmakers get the other 50%. So,
you get to see a great Doc, hang out with Walter Murch and support lacpug. It’s
a really good deal. For more info, including a trailer and link to buy tickets, go


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Nothing right now, but this Thursday, August 20 go to the lacpug YouTube
channel watch Walter Murch’s presentation on Coup 53. He actually presented
this in October 2019 at lacpug, but we couldn't post it until now. It's really good.



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WATCH: Since most of you are working from home and will for the foreseeable
future, now is a good time to watch this 13 part series from frame.io and Michael
Cioni called “Workflow from Home Series. It’s 13 parts and worth your time.


READ: Since I’ve been off for a couple months many of you might have missed
Steve Hullfish’s ART OF THE CUT series. Fear not. Get caught up by following this
link. Some great interviews with the masters of editing.


DO: Because of Covid there will be no EditFest this year in LA, but the good
folks from ACE have come up with an excellent replacement. It’s called EditFest
Global and yes it’s virtual but it has a hell of a line up of guests. Join Editors
worldwide at EditFest Global. Featuring live and pre-recorded panel
conversations from an array of talented editors from around the globe. There will
be opportunities for direct interaction in breakout rooms with ACE editors and
mentors. Get your tickets here and do it soon as the event is August 29 and 30


GET: When it comes to improving the sound of the audio in your edits, there
are some really useful audio plugins out there that can work wonders in just
a few clicks. Jonny Elwyn gives you a list of must have Audio Plugins.


LISTEN: The Rough Cut podcast is hosted by Avid’s Matt Fuery and it is excellent.
Each week he interviews an editor from a popular TV show or movie and he
talks with the best of the best. You will learn a ton.

Get caught up with all of his podcasts, here:


WATCH: Kevin P. McAuliffe brings you a series of videos to help you learn the


READ: This is good. “My Creative & Technical Workflow Using FCP X To Cut,
Mix & Finish The Entirety Of My Feature Film Psychosynthesis’ by filmmaker
Noam Kroll.


GET: Larry Jordans latest book, “Techniques of Visual Persuasion: Create
powerful images that motivate (Voices That Matter)” is now the #1 Amazon
New Release for: Communications and Graphics & Multimedia, along with #2
for Adobe Photoshop. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, they are available
in soft cover, Kindle, PDF and eBook. If you do order it, review it.


WATCH: Node-based compositing can be one of the most confusing aspects of
digital filmmaking and yet more and more applications are using the node
paradigm for significant portions of their functionality. In this gentle introduction
from Moviola, Damian Allen explains the fundamentals of nodes and node-based
compositing in a clear, simple and quick guide.


WATCH: For you Red Giant fans there are now a ton of FREE webinars up.
Featuring industry experts, covering essential concepts and techniques for post-
production and hosted by Director of Training Simon Walker, CSI. All webinars will
be recorded, so if you register but can’t attend, you can still view the recording. 


We Make Movies have produced a bunch of excellent video tutorials on making
movies with a smartphone.


WATCH: Editor Michael Matzdorff has produced a 5 part series called
Unauthorized FCP X. If you are new to FCP X this is definitely worth your while.



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Lacpug needs another Meeting Sponsor. Desperately. We may not be able
to finish out the year if I can't find someone. Expenses have risen
significantly over the past few months due to a myriad of reasons and I
need another sponsor to cover these new expenses. Currently Blackmagic
Design and DigitalFilm Tree generously cover our meetings. If you know
of a company who might like to be part of this community, let me know.
I’m searching hard, but I can use your help. Write me.

See you sometime in the future. In meantime, keep creative.

Peace- and bless you Ralph, Charles, Doug, Mik, Pete, Bruce and Norm.

Michael Horton "HeadCutter"

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"Blackmagic Design is dedicated to allowing the highest quality video to be
affordable to everyone, so the post production and television industry can
become a truly creative industry."

DigitalFilm Tree is a highly unique creative hub where technology and art
converge. Offerings include production, design, effects, color correction,
online finishing, and consulting services.

Endcrawl is end credits made easy. ENDCRAWL pulls everything together.
Collaborate in one place. Preview your layout in real time. And get
one-click renders whenever you like.

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