Posted by Alexander 
November 01, 2005 04:24PM
Hi guys! now the thing: I am ready for FCP 5, QT7 and the whole deal. I will need serious advice on what the issues are in this present time.
I am an avid reader of this incredible user group and have even given some advice, when I knew things that desperate readers didn't.
Help with bugs, crashes, QT problems, Tiger (I am still using Panther).
Any thoughts?
I am sure many people will thank all of you for the advice.
Thanks in advance!



Greg Kozikowski
Re: Issues
November 01, 2005 05:20PM
As I understand it, it's better to start fresh with Tiger and then put the new applications into a fresh machine.

People have troubles both with the Tiger upgrade from an existing operating system and trying to upgrade existing applications--especially with QuickTime being so delicate.

It's a given that the last thing you want to do is upgrade anything in the middle of a project.

My little iBook is still running 10.3.9. I own the licenses for Tiger, and I know where my keys are, but just haven't gotten up the determination to do the format and install yet.


Re: Issues
November 01, 2005 05:53PM
Thank you Koz.
Furtunately, I am not in the middle of any project, that's when the decision came up about.
The only machine I have, the G5 is my source for FCP. Whem you say a fresh machine, do you mean installing Tiger and then do the subsequent upgrades?
Qt, FCP and the such?
I am scared, to be honest with you.
Greg Kozikowski
Re: Issues
November 01, 2005 05:59PM
<<<I am scared, to be honest with you.>>>

Pretty much why I haven't done mine yet--and mine isn't even a video machine.

I didn't do the upgrade from earlier OSX to 10.3.x. One of the Systems people did it. I can ask him again and he'll do it, but I want to do this one myself.

The iBookis my only Mac. All the rest of the machines are PCs. This thing is my lifeline to iTunes.....

At work, the Systems people keep all the G5s and G4s up to date so all I have to do is get off the machines long enough for them to work.

Good luck.

Back up all your work.


Re: Issues
November 02, 2005 12:23PM
back up your personal files. format the internal drive - low level, write zeros, the full deal.

install tiger on that clean sparkling drive, then install your apps.

just keeps things clean and tidy.

dont be scared, all will be fine
Re: Issues
November 02, 2005 12:38PM
Thank you Wayne!
I needed that re-assurance.
Any issues that I should know?
Say, QT7 and the other scary things I have been hearing about?
Incompatibility, lost files.. do you have anything even more re-assuring to tell me?
Thank you again Wayne
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