Setting audio filter-greyed out, cannot dissolve on audio anylonger...

Posted by Katie 

I hit some key and now cannot make simple audio dissolves anylonger. I reset the "set audio default" several times, and it works for video, but not on any audio layer. The default on the audio is greyed out in the browser. I can't even drag & drop audio....I know this is something probably really simple but I'm stuck.

Any suggestions? Thanks
Your descriptions are a bit vague. Perhaps you turned off the default audio transition. Try going to the Effects tab in the Browser, selecting Cross Fade +3dB, then CONTROL-clicking it to Set Default.

When I go into the Effects Tab, I see Audio transitions, favorites, then default (greyed out), set default (greyed out) and clear default (greyed out).
Am I in the wrong place?

I trashed the Pref's and now it works again.
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