Am I going mad?

Posted by kate 
Am I going mad?
November 10, 2005 07:36PM
Hello everyone,
I am starting the process of redigitising dailies as I have encountered a terminal bug with my aurora igniter x capture card, which involves the viewer or canvas window squashing in half and turning green (yes it is as fun as it sounds) So after vainly contacting aurora support I grimly turned to getting ready for recapturing to dv, only it seems I can only capture in 720x480 (despite specifying 486 in the capture preset), and the aurora card only seems to let me play out 720x486 so therefore a total no go, and I get a still image on my external viewer rather than proper play back. I am a pal gal, so am not so sure footed with ntsc aspect ratios, please help!!!!
Re: Am I going mad?
November 10, 2005 08:32PM
Fixed it, I am a prize winning, thanksgiving turkey winking smiley)
Anonymous User
Re: Am I going mad?
November 10, 2005 09:45PM
Whoa Kate. Tell us how you fixed it. And yes we are so sorry you have to re-digitize


Re: Am I going mad?
November 11, 2005 12:45PM
Kate!!! STOP.
First of all, the old Igniters plays out NTSC DV 720x40 to your monitors just fine. You just need to turn off Mirror To Desktop.
Secondly, what broadcast standard are you using for your show. If it's NTSC and you're in London, then why are you using NTSC? If you're using PAL, then you should be capturing standard DV PAL at 720x576. If this a movie being cut at 24 or 23.98, then you should probably be using FCP's 25@24 scenario for PAL users.

Could you give a little more info on your project?

The Igniter is an old card that was designed back in 1998. This was before there was a FCP and QT was at version 2.5 or 3. There are more modern cards with a more robust PCI architecutre from both Aurora and other companies that might work better for you.
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Re: Am I going mad?
November 11, 2005 12:53PM
Kate is in LA Michael if that makes any difference

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