Jitter on motion

Posted by Phish33 
Jitter on motion
December 01, 2005 01:23AM

Hello. I am using FCP using scanned drawings. when I make a motion to give it a pan then render, it runs smooth on my monitor. I exported a quicktime of my movie using the settings Jpeg. when I burn it to view on a dvd the Pans when playing seem to jitter. Is there a reason why? Is it the compression I am exporting with?


Re: Jitter on motion
December 01, 2005 01:31AM

effects > video filters > video > deinterlace (or flicker filter)

one (or variances of both therein) should at very least greatly mnimize your problems...
Re: Jitter on motion
December 01, 2005 01:30PM
Also try a slight gaussian blur to anti-alias some of the sharp edges on the drawings I would use a .2 or .3 blur.

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