FCP HD 23.98 to protools 29.97????

Posted by juliag23 
FCP HD 23.98 to protools 29.97????
December 09, 2005 02:11PM
hi there -

i'm working on a film that we've been cutting in 23.98. Our sound engineer now needs quicktime movies from me with a 29.97NDF time code burn. I assume this means I need to somehow get him a 29.97 Quicktime, but when I try to export my reels with 29.97 Quicktime settings they come out with black frmaes interspersed and they cut off well before the end. I'm not sure how to deliver to them what they need to cut their sound.

Any thoughts?


Re: FCP HD 23.98 to protools 29.97????
December 09, 2005 02:50PM
My pro tools guy is working fine in 24fps. We cut 24fps (not 23.98) and I gave him 24fps QT movies (with TCB) that play out to his NTSC monitor in ProTools just fine. I am sure the same would work with 23.98.

If he NEEDs 29.97 you could make a new sequence thats 29.97 and copy and paste the entire edit into that. But that just seems like it would be more headache trying to synch back into your 23.98 sequence after he is done his work.
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