FCP File Compatibilty with 4.5

Posted by MikeLA 
FCP File Compatibilty with 4.5
January 18, 2006 01:58AM
Hi All,

Does anyone know if it is remotely possible to open a FCP 5.0 file
with my FCP 4.5 version? File was created in 4.5 FCP but them read and saved on a 5.0 system. I need to read it on a FCP4.5 system again..

thanks for any insight...

Re: FCP File Compatibilty with 4.5
January 18, 2006 04:54AM
#27 Getting a FCP 5 project to open in FCP 4.5

Shane's Stock Answer #27: How do I export my FCP 5 project so that someone can work with it in FCP 4.5?

Final Cut Pro 5 projects are not backwards compatible. What that means is that a project created in FCP 5 cannot be opened by previous versions. The previous version cannot recognize the formatting and code of the newer version. You can go from FCP 4.5 5o 5, but it will reformat your project file, so if you want to have a 4.5 version best to duplicate it and convert the duplicate.

You can, however, export the sequence from FCP 5 so that it will open in FCP 4.5 if you follow these steps:

1) Select all in the Browser
2) Choose File>Export>XML
3) Make sure you choose XML version 1 in the following dialog box
4) Launch FCP4.5 and create a new project
5) With that project's Browser open and active, import the XML

For an in-depth explaination, read this:
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