Will Waves Plug In's work with FCP5?

Posted by Mike Myles 
Waves plug in's rock in my Pro Tools system, but I'm wondering if they will work in FCP5 as well?

Some projects require plug ins that are a little better then what's found in FCP, but not enough to be dumped out to Pro Tools for touch ups.

If there is a way to use Waves bundle plug ins in FCP, I'd be stoked!
Has anyone tried this? Do they work?
Any information is greatly appreciated.


Re: Will Waves Plug In's work with FCP5?
January 21, 2006 08:28PM
No...they will not work. Those are Pro Tools plugins, designed to work with Pro tools. FCP is not protools, nor is it made by the same company.

Some, and I repeat SOME After Effects plugins work with FCP, but that is because they have a similiar structure.
i thought that fcp had some support for TDM stuff?
or was it VST? or am i just beinga bonehead?
Thanks for the info. Shane.

Boy, if Waves & Apple wanted to scare the daylights out of Digidesign, they should team up to make Waves plug ins that work in Final Cut! While it is still not Pro Tools, you'd have a pretty powerful suite of audio plug ins available for those projects that just need some "touching up."
Re:Waves Native Plug In's DO work with FCP5?
January 22, 2006 02:11PM
I have the Waves native powerpack. The plugins do work in protools and Final Cut Pro. The disadvantage in FCP is that the Waves GUI isn't there, so you can't 'see' what you are doing as well. Also the parameter numbers are alien to what you'll see under protools eg threshold a from something like 0 to 1000 as opposed to showing dbfs. But if you tweak and listen, you can get it to work. The limiter, EQ's, reverbs all work.
Personally, I do not use the plugins much in Final Cut Pro, as I do all my post audio mixing in protools. However, the L1 limiter is handy when outputting client viewing taPES.
Thanks for the info. Digihead! Very interesting to know that they will work. Bummer to hear that the GUI doesn't though. Waves plug in's rock and it sounds like it might be worth loading them in.

I really appreciate your post.
Re: Will Waves Plug In's work with FCP5?
January 22, 2006 04:56PM
you need AU versions of the plugin's NOT RTAS

FCP only uses the AU plugin format

if you have FCS (the whole studio pack) they should work in STP as well (which has loads of great plugins and stuff as well

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