live type

Posted by bosmat 
live type
January 26, 2006 04:12PM
I have recently used the Fonts - Edwardian script ITC in a motion

image from the Ink Template of LIVE TYPE

the image of the titles plus the lines of the drawings on the image

are broken and if i smooth it w/ some of FCP effects it becomes blurry.

what is the secret to have a clear title

( colors ? pixels ? size ? bold ? format ? )

Thank you so much

bosmat merimsky
Re: live type
January 27, 2006 01:41AM
The same with what I experienced. Even other font from Livetype, when import to Final Cut, its blurred. Any suggestion to avoid that? Thanks.
Re: live type
January 27, 2006 02:32AM
Are you judging on an external broadcast monitor? You can't judge the visual quality of any renderable effect in the Viewer or Canvas.
Re: live type
January 28, 2006 08:52AM
when the movie was done and viewed on a tv monitor the titles didn't look good and clear and the lines were broken.
Re: live type
January 28, 2006 07:11PM
It might be that your font file is corrupt but with some level of certainty I would say it?s the darn DV codec that?s messing with you. Try changing your settings to 8 bit uncompressed video and enjoy crystal clear titles along with truly massive file size.
Re: live type
January 29, 2006 07:37PM
8-bit uncompressed setting is really great when you did your text in final cut itself but in livetype then render to final cut,the quality is not that good.But I found out that exporting in Animation is better when you use Livetype then rendered in Final Cut.
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