DVMC-DA1 Converter

Posted by Marianne 
DVMC-DA1 Converter
July 04, 2001 02:34PM
<HTML>Have no problem with dv to analog---cannot seem to do the reverse. Played around with my presets and checked the cables. What are the steps I need to take to get analog into my system using the Sony DVMC-DA1 Converter?</HTML>
Re: DVMC-DA1 Converter
July 04, 2001 04:24PM
<HTML>Are you using FCP 2.0? From what I have heard, and I hope someone chimes in here, that DA1 doesn't work very well with 2.0. However DA 2 does. Hope someone else will come in and elaborate.

Re: DVMC-DA1 Converter
July 05, 2001 11:11AM
<HTML>I will try an import from DA2 and report back.</HTML>
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