best way to input mpeg2 files?

Posted by Robert 
best way to input mpeg2 files?
February 21, 2006 03:57AM
I am trying to edit a reel taking my footage off DVD's. So far I have been using "Mac the Ripper" then "Cinematize" to convert the DVD Mpeg2 files to Mpeg4. What is the best codec to use for optimum quality when I convert to Quicktimes for FCP?

I have tried Full Quality 4:2:2 and the video lags severely when I play it back. Any ideas why?

unless the dvd is copy protected, you dont even need mactheripper.

the best two applications for getting dvd files into fcp are DVDxDV and mpeg streamclip. they both have their plusses and minuses. the biggest PLUS for mpegstreamclip is that it is FREE. its a bit harder to figure out and is a bit flakier than DVDxDV but for your needs it will do just fine. get it here:


and you'll get the best results going out as a lossless codec like photojpeg. you'll have to render it on the fcp timeline, but the quality will be FAR better than just the standard export DV to fcp option.
if cinematize has "photojpeg" export option that will work as well.
Re: best way to input mpeg2 files?
February 21, 2006 08:45AM
Is it possible yet to capture DV as mpeg2?
Thanks for the responses. It's the first time I have used this forum and appreciate the help. I am learning FCP as I go on this project.
I tried DVDxDV trial version and maybe with settings wrong but it did not maintain the widescreen aspect ratio. Cinematize keeps the aspect ratio fine.
I have to rip the DVD's as they are comercial features I worked on and am just pulling clips off for a showreel.

I will try the export photoJPEG route with Cinematize. How do you deal with the Audio this way?

Is there good compiler software to view the clip in motion with Audio before importing to FCP?

Still curious why Quicktime video lags in Full Quality 4:2:2 exported codecs? It sems like the frames are being processed and can't keep up.

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