Markers into Subclips

Posted by Tony19 
Markers into Subclips
February 21, 2006 06:56PM
How do I convert my Markers [on a 10 minute clip] into subclips?

Curious: ...I am am cutting a documentary with allot of stills. But I have one tape of the still photos instead of the source tiff files. ...Wonder why a camera man would shoot video of stills? Can't FCP do motion better with the still image imported?
Re: Markers into Subclips
February 21, 2006 07:35PM
In the browser, expand the clip (click on the grey triangle next to the clip name). You should see the list of your markers. Now select them and drag them into a bin. There you go!

As for a tape with movements on stills - this was probably done with a large and rather expensive motion control camera. That was the old-school way of doing pushes and movements on stills. Not sure who still does this? I worked for a reality TV show once that did the effects in FCP, but then outputted a DigiBeta to take into their avid! They came from the old school way of thinking that an editor just does cuts and dissolves. Boy how things have changed in the last three years!
Re: Markers into Subclips
February 21, 2006 10:29PM

Don't take this wrong, but how old are you? This is how is used to be done. When motion control wasn't possible, you put the stills on an easel and just shot them. I realize now that there are many, many better options, but this is how many documentaries were done.

One of the absolute best use of stills and motion control that I've ever seen is "Lords of Dogtown" the documentary about skateboarding in Santa Monica. They made the stills FLY off the screen in that film and it was all done on a motion control stage. You should rent it at your local DVD store.

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