OT: How to write a resume ?

Posted by Antonio Hui 
OT: How to write a resume ?
February 22, 2006 09:16AM
Hi all,

After a year as a volunteer of an archaeology project, it is the time for me to return to the job market.

Anyone could tell me where I can found a good reference or on-line resource for writing a good resume or an application letter?

Any input are highly appreciated.

Many Thanks !

Anonymous User
Re: OT: How to write a resume ?
February 22, 2006 09:34AM
What archaeology project?

I don't have an leads for your question, sorry! I used to have my mom proofread my resumes when I was a wee one. There was barely an internet back then!

Re: OT: How to write a resume ?
February 22, 2006 10:22AM
Are you talking about a resume as an editor/filmmaker?

For a normal resume, I just typed in "How to write a resume" in Google and got tons of hits. Try that.

I had help from one of my editing mentors with my own resume as an editor. I had patterned it after a normal job-resume template, but she told me a couple of things that helped greatly, and point to differences between an editing resume and a normal job resume:

- The filmography is much more important than the training/degrees -- put it first;
- The reel is even more important than the resume;
- Don't include references. In nearly three years of passing this thing out, I never had any producer check a single reference, and I trashed that section after awhile. If they do want to contact somebody in your background, they can ask you directly;
- Put the best projects first. Big ringing names are good, eg. networks, studios, festivals;
- When naming a project you've worked on, include a little something that tells us what kind of project it was. I use genre and running times, such as "Commercial, 30secs.", "EPK, 5mins."
- I've been told by two producers that one of my major selling points was the fact that I was a Final Cut Pro instructor back in film school.
Re: OT: How to write a resume ?
February 22, 2006 11:20AM
Look at my resume online for an example:

it depends on what you want to do. this is a creative industry, so often a standard form will get you kicked out from the get go (depending of course upon what type of work youre applying for). here is a link to mine that ive had a good bit of positive response from:

Re: OT: How to write a resume ?
February 22, 2006 09:45PM

That's the most interesting format for a resume that I've ever seen! Love the little "LED meters" for degree of involvement.

Great idea.

Anonymous User
Re: OT: How to write a resume ?
February 22, 2006 10:13PM
Hey, Wayne, my sister-in-law used to teach Opera at Sam Houston!

She was after your time, though.

Nice resume!

Re: OT: How to write a resume ?
February 23, 2006 01:03AM
Thanks a million to all,

You know, even I worked in the video productions for 17 years, the questions for how to write a resume still make me feeling get lost somehow=( In face, very headache too.

PS. What archaeology project? That's a research project for how to using computer to assist archaeology, like 3D laser scanning, panoramic photography, 4DVR (QTVR with time axis)... etc.

here is the working photos of this season. Enjoy !

And, this is my baby=)

Thanks again !

Anonymous User
Even more OT...
February 23, 2006 11:31AM
That is so cool, Antonio.

I'm a closet archaeology freak! Ok, maybe not closet....but still a freak!

I'd love to do something like that someday!

Where was that? I know Egypt, but which ruins? I recognize some of it, but not enough to say where it is. Ok, so maybe not so much a freak. I suppose a freak would've been able to tell you which "temples at Karnak" they are....

Mind if I share these with other non-LAFCPUG folks?

Re: OT: How to write a resume ?
February 23, 2006 12:28PM
Excellent photos, Antonio. Very inspiring.

I hate resumes. Mostly NON-CREATIVE people that are doing the hiring are looking at you and judging your whole career & work ethic by what's on a piece of paper. That's why I give them a simple email with the URL of my website so they can see my artwork. There is a "Resume" page on there where an interested employer can see the formal "resume" and download a printable PDF if need be.

My 2¢...a simple one page resume - nothin' fancy (no graphics). My first Art Director told me once that if she sees a graphic on a resume, she tosses it...period. Anybody spending time fru-fruing a resume just means that the content is lacking and they are trying to divert you reader's attention & fill up empty space.

These days, IMHO, a Website should automatically accompany a resume. Especially one you built yourself (shows initiative). Out of all the freelance work I have gotten in the last 6 months, ZERO was because of a resume. 100% was being able to view some of my spots and my Bio online in their offices before setting up a meeting.

Because we are in "Show Business" basically, and a Demo ALWAYS (usually) accompanies a resume, I have built a package for myself that I send out when I respond to an ad. It's a Demo DVD package that includes a clear plastic (polypropelene - not hard) jacket with a simple printed cover insert, matching DVD label, and a resume that is printed to fit a single fold paper that is tucked inside the jacket clips (like a movie chapter list). Simple & clean packaging with black printing on white paper so as not to divert attention away from the WORK.

It works extremely well for me.

Good luck, man smiling smiley

- Joey

When life gives you dilemmas...make dilemmanade.

Re: OT: How to write a resume ?
February 23, 2006 02:10PM
"...Mostly NON-CREATIVE people that are doing the hiring are looking at you and judging your whole career & work ethic by what's on a piece of paper..."

Well, those people called "human resource"=( I should make them happy first otherwise my resume maybe send to the trash directly...

Joey, Thanks for you suggestion too=)

Since, I'm looking for a job in a TV station, so that, I should be more prepared. Both formal and in-formal way.

Have a nice day,

Re: OT: How to write a resume ?
February 23, 2006 02:25PM
Antonio, you lucky guy.
Excellent photos.

Rui Barros
Editor Colorist Trainer
Lisbon, Portugal
RTP Post-Production
Apple Certified Trainer FCP 7
Apple Certified Pro FCP 7
Re: They are not OT...
February 23, 2006 03:30PM
Me too. I'm very young in archaeology too (only 15 months old) and I often forgot the name of those temples=(

The photos are taken mostly on Ramesseum at Luxor, Egypt and others from Aswan. If you like, you could send out my photo freely.

Yes, I'm lucky, since I been here, LAFCPUG !!!

I'm happy since I could follow the foot print of our old friend Ralph Fairweather in the desert and try to finish up what he want...
(~15MB, MAYBE the world first interactive 4DVR movie, QTVR with time axis)
... this is just one of the preview of this season. You could see more when the official web site is opened.

They is not OT, since they are made by FCP=)


Anonymous User
Re: They are not OT...
February 23, 2006 03:51PM
Ahhh, very good point about it not being off topic!!

That is so very cool!!!

Now why do you want to go work at a boring old TV station after that?!!?!?

Okay, just kidding. If I could've paid the mortgage living like a college kind in London, I would've stayed there, too!!

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