Sony EDL

Posted by fxparis 
Sony EDL
February 23, 2006 11:18AM
old post but never answered :

I can not use sony edls (not 5000 nor 9100). I can export them, but then when I try to read them I get a white page with nothing written on it. in text edit just some weird signs

any idea ?

Re: Sony EDL
February 23, 2006 02:19PM

Do you want to export an EDL from a Sony 9100 Editor?
For Final Cut Pro? Export the EDL as CMX.

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Re: Sony EDL
February 23, 2006 06:02PM
The reason that you can not read the Sony edl's is that Sony use
a binary code rather than an Ascii code so it would just appear as garbage in a text editor. I would export both a Sony Edl and a CMX edl. The Sony edit controllers can read both but you can open the CMX in any text editor to check it.
I have noticed that FCP, by default, makes some mistakes with Sony 9100 edls.
In order for pre-read edits to work automatically the record reel and the preread reel must have the same name. This instructs the edit controller to turn on the pre-read function on the digibeta record deck.
If you select pre-read as an option you will notice that by default the pre-read edits show a reel called preread. I think that the default reel name for the record deck in FCP is 999. Since these are different the preread instruction is not automatic and the editor will have to manually set the preread.
In avid you can set both the record reel name and the preread name and this function works perfectly. I have not found a way in FCP to change these options - perhaps you guys know if this can be done.
If you have to supply an edl to a post house best just give them a call and ask which format they require. The other thing to remember is save your edls to a PC formatted disk or they will be unreadable by Mr Sony.
Re: Sony EDL
February 24, 2006 01:04AM
ok that's an answer ! thanx
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