Apple Screen Setting: NTSC (1953)

Posted by Steve Zelt 
I've discovered that the Apple computer screen can be calibrated to a variety of presets, one of which is NTSC (1953).

I've never heard anyone talk of this and I'm wondering: is this setting advantageous in anyway, in lieu of having an external monitor to watch the work as you cut?

And does anyone have an idea what 1953 refers to? The year?
Greg Kozikowski
Re: Apple Screen Setting: NTSC (1953)
March 03, 2006 08:05PM
<<<And does anyone have an idea what 1953 refers to? The year?>>>

Yes. NTSC has been around for a powerfully long time.

That was the year they went from "Illiminant C" to "Illuminant D" as a color standard. Illuminant C was a mathematically perfect color standard for color television except for one thing. Everybody except two color-blind people in Schenectady saw as being too pink. Illuminant D was daylight. It's basically the color things are on a clear day between 10am and 2 pm. We've been using that ever since.

I don't want to destroy your fuzzy-warm any more than necessary, but all these color calibrations inside the monitor depend on at least one of them being calibrated to a color standard machine like a Minolta, or a Philips color analyzer.

The monitors come out of the box really close, but monitors, especially glass ones, don't stay that way.

Oh, and no, you still have to buy a Color Television Monitor. You need somethng that hasn't been through the computer's scan conversions and gamma brightness "corrections." Just as a simple example, the canvas view almost always drops one of the two television fields. This can be a surprise the first time you see the video on an actual television monitor and there are things there you've never seen before.


You have deep knowledge. I suspected I'd stil need to view things through a monitor, but was curious.

I wonder, then, what is Apple's reasoning for offering such a calibration? And does it hurt me in any way to use it? Would it be closer than the screen calibration right out of the box on my IMac?

What's your thought?

Much thanko, Steve
Re: Apple Screen Setting: NTSC (1953)
March 04, 2006 04:11PM
could be for watching DVDs.

or better yet (for the marketing folk): turning your computer into a Total Home Media Center.


Greg Kozikowski
Re: Apple Screen Setting: NTSC (1953)
March 04, 2006 08:00PM
<<<what is Apple's reasoning for offering such a calibration?>>>

It's one of the standards for monitors in general. This isn't an Apple thing.

We don't use the monitor calibrations out of the box. We have too many monitors for that and they drift and change with age. We have a standard color analyzer we take to each monitor, display standard test signals and move the monitor settings around so they all match.

We use "daylight' as our target. You will run into problems the first time you try to use two machines to cut the same show.

If you have one clock, you know what time it is. If you have two..........


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