FCP sample rate error Message?

Posted by Rachael Gluch 
This is the message that im getting when im importing files:

"The audio sample rate of one or more of your captured madie files does not match the sample source on your source tape. This may cause the video and audio od the media files to be out of sync. make sure the audio sample rate of your capture presets matches the sample rate of your tape."

What am i doing wrong, and how can i fix this?
any help would be greatly appreciated. sad smiley THANK YOU!!!smiling smiley
When you say "importing" do you really mean "capturing"? Because those are two different functions of FCP. If you mean capturing as in using the Log and Capture window to digitize video from tape, then here's a couple of things you can check.

Select one of the clips you captured and hit CMD+9. This will bring up the properties of the clip. Check the sampling rate of the audio. It normally should be 48kHz. However, some cameras will capture audio at a lower sampling rate in order to fit say 4 channels of audio on a DV tape as opposed to 2 channels. The Cannon XL-1 is one of those cameras. If you record 2 channels of 16 bit audio it's sampled at 48kHz, but if you record 4, then the audio is 12 bit sampled at 32kHz. However FCP will want to digitize that audio at 48kHz. The difference in sampling rates can cause audio sync drift.

If this is close to what is going on with you, then I would try 2 things. First, I would never sacrifice the 48kHz sampling rate on the camera to get 2 more channels, it's not worth the headache in my opinion. Secondly, I would try to make a custom capture setting where you adjust the audio sampling rate so that it matches your source footage. Of course then you have to make sure your sequence matches those capture settings as well or you'll have the same drift problem.

Hope this helps.

Re: FCP sample rate error Message?
March 04, 2006 04:31PM
to check your camera audio, turn on hte cameras "display" function.
this is what you'd turn on to see the timecode, etc.
one of those etceteras is usualy the audio's sample rate.

if you're camera footage is 12bit, 32k
in FCP, you can chose to capture as that as Andy says.

but have a look at the captures you've already done.
DO they go out of sync?
if not, then maybe you don't have to worry about creating a new capture preset.

i had some 32k dubs once
(most tape houses here leave their DVCAM decks set up to record 4 channels! They got the machines for playback and have never used them to record!)
the 48k captures were in sync, but i thought ipd do hte "right" thing, and changed to 32k capture setting.
well, that was worse!
the tapes must have been slightly off 32k, and FCP spent an enormous amount of time fixing that after the capture.
i went back to 48k captures, and all was fine.

you'll be converting the audio to 48k eventually, so if it can happen (accurately) on capture, that;s a good thing, i think.


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