Reverse scene soft

Posted by Mark G. 
Reverse scene soft
March 04, 2006 12:03PM
Using FCP HD on a Mac G-5.

Need to reverse a scene so that it runs in opposite direction. After doing so and rendering, the scene is softer focus than the original.

Any remedy?

Thanks as always.
Re: Reverse scene soft
March 04, 2006 12:24PM
You're probably looking at the picture in the Canvas. You cannot judge the quality of any kind of effect on the Canvas. Watch it on an external broadcast monitor, properly calibrated. And make sure you render the effect -- FCP does do some real-time playback of effects, but it doesn't do a good job of it.

If the effect still looks bad on an external monitor after rendering, check your render quality.
Re: Reverse scene soft
March 04, 2006 01:12PM
Thanks for your response.

I use a standard Sony 13" NTSC monitor as well as an off brand 15" HD monitor to check everything during the course of editing. I render at the highest quality possible but still find that the scence goes a little soft after reversing the footage. It is soft enought that I cannot use it on a large screen display as intended.

Do others have this problem or is it inherent in my system only?
Re: Reverse scene soft
March 04, 2006 04:46PM
try the free GReverse filter from []

David at Movies Rock in Toronto
Re: Reverse scene soft
March 04, 2006 04:52PM
FCP can have trouble playing clips backward.
the feilds can get mixed up.

try teh FCP "Shift Fields" filter (Video Filters/Video?Shift Feilds)

there are also a few "field fixer" plugins around, some of them free.
try Stib's Feild Swapper from Stib's Filters:


Re: Reverse scene soft
March 04, 2006 05:13PM
Thanks to all of you who responded. I now have many avenues to pursue for a solution.
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