dv to HD

Posted by Danny 
dv to HD
March 08, 2006 05:45PM
I have a question about mixing Formats. I shooting a documentry on an Sony HDV FX1. I have some footage from a small Canon zr200 mini dv Camera that i need to use in the final edit. can I mix the two formats. An if yes How? i have not output any footage onto my mac yet. so all is still on tape. Should i play the 200 into the hd camera and then hd to mac? is that an option.
Re: dv to HD
March 08, 2006 11:24PM
What you need is called upconversion. While possible, it's much harder than downconversion (going from HD to DV or other SD format). This is because for all bitmap based images (like all video formats are) scaling image size beyond the original size is a very destructive process. Compressor 2 has some very sophisticated technologies, that allow suprisingly good upconversion quality, at the expense of unbelivable long processing times. If waiting for many hours or even days is not a probem, that's the way to go sad smiley
All the best.

Adolfo Rozenfeld
Buenos Aires - Argentina
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