out of sync

Posted by Siep Dijkstra 
out of sync
March 10, 2006 09:39AM

I am working with a Sony Fx1 and Fc 5.
I shot a singer who sung along with a portable cd player, I imported (HDV) the
shot....( its a song with a duration of 3 minutes.)

I imported the cd (i Tunes 16 bit-48 khz) and tried to sync it.
Used to this I look at the wave of the recorded movie and put it at the same
time as the wave of the inported cd song.

The beginning is oke, after a whiile it begins to run out of sync.
I thought about different things:

-48 versus 41 khz
-the portable cd player(I used it before, my memory is that it was oke?)

Who has an idea what this can be,
thanx for any input.

best regards,
Siep Dijkstra
Re: out of sync
March 10, 2006 09:58AM
ok, was it a karaoke situation? was the cd simply accompaniment or was she lip syncing?

im not sure, why or what technological behaviors dictate this, but ive occaisionally seen things coming in and out of itunes being ever so slightly off in pitch (like its spinning slightly off speed or something).

you might try capturing from the same cd player she used straight into fcp (or another audio software).

BUT, if youre expecting to sync a single "song-long" clip to the original cd without edits, id gamble youre not going to be successful in the first place
Re: out of sync
March 10, 2006 10:21AM
Helo Wayne,
Thank you,

You helped me before.

It is indeed about lipsyncing.

I will try you're suggestion to import directly in FCP.
Why should i not be able to sync a "single song along" to the original Cd,
In my memory i did it on my pc with adobe all the time.
Let's understand well, my 3 minutes lipsync will need editing( In terms of art decisions)because ohterwise noboby will look longer than 20 seconds.
but it must be possible to put it in a multiclip and every time i want to see her,
that the line on witch she is, is still in sync?

Siep Dijkstra
Re: out of sync
March 10, 2006 10:27AM
In your case, I'd just avoid using Multiclip. If you're going to be cutting and sync isn't perfect, you'll spend more time wrestling the built-in limitations of Multiclip. How many camera angles are we talking about? I'd suggest just syncing them and then putting them on layered video tracks. That way, it's very easy to slip things a frame or two to compensate for the discrepancies in sync, and also you can access the camera sound easily. If you need to flip-flop between angles, just use Razorblade to carve out sections you want to isolate and use Clip Enable/Disable (CONTROL-B) to turn individual angles on or off.
Re: out of sync
March 10, 2006 10:44AM
Thank for you're input deremok,

What do think is the reason that it was not in sync anyway, or is common to accept that?
Youre solution is indeed one I can use, maybe on this clip i will not use multicam
but multican was one of the reasons i went to FCP.

(In the meantime I imported the music imported direct to Fc but it stayed out sync.)

Siep Dijkstra
Re: out of sync
March 10, 2006 10:45AM
again, im not sure how this translates to an all digital world (as ive not had an occaision to test it) but when i first started in video in the early 90's we would often shoot "faux live" parts of music videos with bands in clubs lip syncing to a cassette tape over the house PA system. now since cassette tape is a purely mechanical medium, its pretty much guaranteed that youre not going maintain sync over one long shot as all tape players (at least of the non-super-high quality variety) are going to spin at very slightly different speeds. so over several minutes you would certainly notice sync drift between the video and the captured audio.

this was never really a problem as we always had several takes or several live cameras from which we were editing and syncing by hand.

so, with this in mind what derek says above is very solid advice.
Re: out of sync
March 10, 2006 01:25PM

I will keep on trying,

also with a protools project and lipsinking in my studio.
I hope the reason is the portable cd player.

i will keep you informed,
Thanks for you're answers
and if there anyone one else with ideas, welkom...

Siep Dijkstra
Re: out of sync
March 10, 2006 01:56PM
How much is it out of sync by the end of the song?
Is the imported CD track then later or earlier than the video? i.e. is it faster or slower?
Re: out of sync
March 10, 2006 03:49PM
Oei Frank,

A little bit, I am now at home (its here about 23.00)
I will look at it tomorrow,


Siep Dijkstra
Re: out of sync
March 10, 2006 08:16PM
Also, what did you record at? 48k or 32k?
Re: out of sync
March 11, 2006 04:11AM
Hello Jude,

My Sony FX1 camera is in the HDV stand and I suppose its at 48kzh, I am almost certain about that.


Siep Dijkstra
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