Color Finesse VS. Final Touch CC systems.

Posted by Luie 
Color Finesse VS. Final Touch CC systems.
March 14, 2006 02:23AM
I hear and read lots about Color Finesse by Synthetic Aperture
But ive been impressed by the things ive seem from Final Touch by Silicon Color.

Can someone please break these down for me.

IM love color correcting, I only understand FCP color correcting and some of AE correcting but I want to take Color Correcting very serious and deep.

At a young age I used to sit in DAVINCHI sessions @ Post Logic & 525 Studios. That's where my love came from it I wish I knew where my teacher Beau Leon was now.



I have spent the last few weeks looking at both of these systems and
the answer is that Final Touch wins by quite a long way but it depends what
you want to achieve.
Color Finesse is a good color corrector, 32 bit floating point, 3 point color correction with secondary. If you have ever used an Avid Symphony it is very similar to the color corrector in that with the ability to correct in a few more color spaces. The biggest problem with the current version is that it only grabs a frame so you cant look up and down the shot or timeline as you grade. Version 2 promises to address this. You also need a second app called Echo Fire to view on a monitor.
Color Finesse is kind of a plug in rather than a separate application.
CF is good and a huge improvement over the FCP color corrector but not, IMHO a serious broadcast finishing tool.
Can be used from a mouse or control surface.

Final Touch is a much more serious grading tool. You XML your sequence, close down FCP and open Final Touch and import. You must have 2 monitors.
You can grade in realtime (almost), have primary and and I think 8 secondary
color correctors. Ability to use plug ins direct into FT (look at Nattress) Motion tracking, vignettes, DVE and up to 4 grades per shot.
Used with a control surface like the Tangent 100 it really is a serious grading finishing tool that begins to look scarily like a DaVinci for much much less money.
Plus it can go up to HD and then 2K depending on what you need.
I think mouse operation may be a bit slow so really you need a control surface for real smooth operation.

Anyway hope that helps - the websites give you pretty much the features of each - I have just given very brief summary.

best wishes

Re: Color Finesse VS. Final Touch CC systems.
March 14, 2006 01:05PM
I agree completely with Neil (still I consider CF amazing).

Final Touch also is based on GPU acclerated real time playback (like Motion, totally dependent on graphics card power). It can play in RT up to (at least) 1080i resolution. Not sure about 2K. It is very powerful, but from what I've seen it's a new product, and as such it's not completely stable. Or it wasn't completely stable when I saw it some time ago.

A friend of mine has it in their HD post house, operated by a professional colorist, and are really happy with it. The control surface thing works well, today.

Adolfo Rozenfeld
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Re: Color Finesse VS. Final Touch CC systems.
March 14, 2006 02:58PM
Just bought three seats of Final Touch. We expect to work it into our on-line process as soon as our "colorists" are up to speed.

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