Problems with Scrolling/Rolling TEXT...

Posted by Doogle 
Problems with Scrolling/Rolling TEXT...
March 16, 2006 10:54AM
Hi everyone,

Have you guys ever come across a project and it needed Scrolling/Rolling TEXT?
Well... how come FINAL CUT's Scrolling/Rolling TEXT effect can only be lenghtened to 1:05?
I'm trying to make a END CREDIT SCROLLING/ROLLING TEXT, but I cannot break that 1:05 mark...
Can anyone help? Any suggestions on how to make a END CREDITS Scrolling/Rolling TEXT? (Like how they do it in the movies... heheheh)

i do ALL my scrolling text in after effects
Re: Problems with Scrolling/Rolling TEXT...
March 16, 2006 01:12PM
Use Boris Title Crawl, not the legacy text generators.

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Thats intresting.
When I do that they look like **** in FCP for some reason.
Do you export interlaced?
Re: Problems with Scrolling/Rolling TEXT...
March 16, 2006 06:31PM
you need to move your clip over a little and then adjust the inpoint
or load the clip into your viewer and check if the inpoint or outpoint are the the clip limit

if you want the divided column look use the scrolling text gen and put an * inbetween where you want the column (IE your name*your position would look like your name your position)

I do all my text's with the stock text gen's never had any rejections
I think one of my next video tutorials will be about the text gen's

David at Movies Rock in Toronto
all my scrolling text is done as follows.

1. lay out text component in one big (or several individual, depending on design) adobe illustrator files.

2. import that into AE, animate and export a losless move at millions+

3. import that into FCP. lay on time line and select modify > alpha type and select black

4. depending on how things look, adding a blur, backing off on opacity, deinterlacing or adding a flicker filter can often help.
Any reason to why you dont use the AE text tool?
im (by trade) originally a graphic designer and a bit of a typographic purist.
and i like the degree of control i get using adobe illustrator
Perhaps someone can help me solve my problem. I hope so. I put together some text for credits using live type. I selected the scroll effect. The problem I am having is this. The scroll gets half up on the canvas an disappears rather than continuing out of frame.

In the time line the duration of the effect is 13 seconds. However, in the inspection canvas it is 7.4 seconds. I attempted to change the 7.4 to match the 13 seconds, but it is grayed out. In addition, in the time line, the marker moves from left to right very slowly to the point of , anytime this year will be great. How can I fix this problem.

Your thoughts are appreciated.
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