HD rendering in FCP5 help!

Posted by russ stevens 
HD rendering in FCP5 help!
March 16, 2006 05:17PM
Can anyone please help!

I am capturing HD footage from a Sony FX1 into FCP5 (settings are HDV 1080i-50 sequence preset, capture preset HDV, device control sony HDV 1080i-50, video playback none, audio default).

I've checked that the settings are the same in the timeline and browser, which they are, but when I drop the captured footage into the timeline it needs to be rendered.

Can anyone please tell me how to correct this? Many thanks in andvance.

Re: HD rendering in FCP5 help!
March 16, 2006 07:15PM
Did you use the Easy Setups? Are you using SEQUENCE 1...the one that was there before you changed the settings?

After you change the Easy Setups, you need to create a new sequence. THAT sequence will have the correct settings.
Hi Shane,

Yes, I've used the easy settings and then set a new sequence, but still the same problem! Can't figure it out at all.

The footage captures fine, but as soon as it drops into the timeline it needs rendering. Please help!

Many thanks.
Re: HD rendering in FCP5 help!
March 17, 2006 02:34PM
You are using the wrong presets for footage shot in North America and Japan. If you bought the camera in either of these places, you're shooting NTSC.

1080i 50 presets are for PAL footage.
You want to use the 1080i 60 presets.

Try that.

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Thank you so much for that! Am asking everyone over here in the UK and they are of course using PAL cameras!

Thanks so much for that!

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