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Posted by Peire Eno 
Export Options
April 05, 2006 09:38PM
FCP 5 ...G-5 2.3 Ghz..1 GB RAM
I want to burn a DVD for a friend so he can do audio for parts of my sequence....The question is...( P. S. I believe he is using PRO TOOLS)...When I have the File>Export>...Do I want to choose Quick Time Movie or Using Quick Time Conversion ?
Also, is there an easier way to BURN, than through iDVD?
Thanks Alot
Greg Kozikowski
Re: Export Options
April 05, 2006 10:19PM

QuickTime Movie will produce the best results (stay away from Export) and iDVD is the simplest way to produce a DVD. It's not awful, either. There are a lot of restrictions like that 60 minute thing and there's only so much you can do with the splash pages and menus.

Do not try to compress ahead of time. Dump the QuickTime export directly into the iDVD work surface and *wait* for it to tell you to put the blank DVD in.


Re: Export Options
April 06, 2006 04:19AM
If You're friend uses Pro Tools, give him a small Quicktime, so he has a visual reference while mixing.
For the real audiomix give him an OMF file.
Use Export OMF and give a handle lenght, usually 1 or 2 seconds will do.
I don't know about iDvD, but I think you want to create a Data DvD and not a Video DvD wich I think iDvD will create.
I use Toast as burning software, but in finder you can create Burnfolders
an burn those.

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