HELP!!! HD understanding /or lack of

Posted by MikeLA 
HELP!!! HD understanding /or lack of
April 09, 2006 06:45PM
Hi all, I think I need a brief understanding of working with HD video.

I am on a project where footage has been shot on HD panasonic cams.

The footage I have has been captured at 720/480 ( downconverted? )and partially edited into sequences.

If I am working with that format, am I able to later output at HD? Or do I need to be editing at HD presets with footage captured at HD.??

Help! I've already done a significant amount of editing.

thanks for some help by the experts...
Re: HELP!!! HD understanding /or lack of
April 09, 2006 07:34PM
An added part for the above question:

Assuming the HD footage was downconverted to 720/480 to be edited that way in FCP, in general what is the process of matching up the FCP downconverted edit to the original HD footage for output in HD?

How expensive is this option, which I imagine ( correct me if I am wrong) is taken so that one can edit/render faster in FCP at lower res and file sizes, to be later up convertered ( if that term is used)

Re: HELP!!! HD understanding /or lack of
April 09, 2006 08:44PM DID start a new thread...heh


That is the offline/online workflow. I tend not to use it, for the Media manager...prior to 5.1...was very unstable. But many people have used it with success.

Basically you need to recapture the footage (or reconnect to the footage) at that higher resolution, then output. will most likely need a capture card for this...and definately need high speed a SATA Raid (4+ drives srtiped together).

What is your final format going to be? What tape type? If you don't have this equipment, I suggest going to a post facility or individual with the proper equipment for output. Like Plastercity, The DR. Group, DigitalFilm Tree or Lightning Dubs.

If you unfamiliar with what to do, then you need to fine someone who knows what they are doing to help you.
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