Trying to batch capture online HDV footage

Posted by Scott Mouat 
Trying to batch capture online HDV footage
April 27, 2006 10:27PM
I have just put together a doco promo shot on a sony Z1, all footage has been shot HDV but i have captured it all DV offline RT so i can edit on a
G4 powerbook
Mac Os X 10.4.4
1 GB ram
FCP 5.0.4

I now want to recapture the 5 minutes of footage used in the promo in HDV but i am experiencing problems.

I have gone into media manager and selected the promo from that i have made a new project. The clips are all off line but when i select them and go to batch capture the camera finds the correct timecode, things go well for about half a second and then FCP quits completely.

The scratch disc for the online HDV footage is set to an external lacie drive with firewire 800 connections as i dont have any room left on my mac.

Is this an FCP5, HDV, G4 problem or i am doing something dum.
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