OT: monitor tray for tripod

Posted by bdplaid 
OT: monitor tray for tripod
May 08, 2006 06:38PM
Hi, folks,

I'm looking to buy or build some type of utility tray onto which I can place an LCD monitor. I deally, this would clamp to the tripod leg.

I can only find the one made by manfrotto, and that seems too expensive to me. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of another tray-type affair, or mount, or if you had any idea about something else that could be clamped to a tripod leg and hold a 7" LCD monitor?



Re: OT: monitor tray for tripod
May 08, 2006 08:50PM
years ago i had a friend drill a hole in a 4 x4 in. piece of 1/4 aluminum.
I then threaded the 1/4 hole.
I placed a 12 x 12 inch piece of plywood on top of it, held by small screws.
made a great table.
Re: OT: monitor tray for tripod
May 08, 2006 10:50PM
thanks, my problem is i need to accommodate the angle of the tripod leg so that the tray/table is flat. i could get a percussion trap table or a clamp-on music stand arrangement, but i need one that has some kind of adjustable clamp; the ones i've seen do not, and attach to stands at a right angle only. if i could even find an articulating clamp, i could put a piece of wood on that. but i'm stuck for the clamp.

i'll keep looking.

thanks mucho,

Re: OT: monitor tray for tripod
May 08, 2006 11:44PM
bogen/manfrotto makes some components that do that exactly. for about $100 you'll be set!

comes in modular parts. there is the clamp that attaches to your tripod legs.
then there is a roughly 18" VERY strong gooseneck that will hold anything shy of the heaviest of loads.

from there you can attach table surfaces, screw mounts or a variety of other manufactured parts or rigged solutions...

go to [www.bogenimaging.us]
click "products" in the left menu
then click manfrotto logo next to "Lighting Stands & Grip"

and look for super clamp and superclamp accessories
Re: OT: monitor tray for tripod
May 09, 2006 11:28AM
How big of an LCD monitor are we talking about here? Markertek has a heavy duty gooseneck (DELV-FLEX) that will attach to a tripod leg and will hold up to 4lbs. It's made for the little DelvCam 5" monitors which have a mounting hole on the bottom the same size as on any camcorder. The gooseneck has a threaded end to fit the monitor mount. They also carry a Swivel Mount Adapter (DELV-SM) which attaches to your hot shoe mount. Again this is for their small 5" LCD monitors. Barry
Re: OT: monitor tray for tripod
June 08, 2006 02:59PM

I wanted to update this about what i actually did -

Being cheap, I started making a table that affixed to the legs of the tripod. It had a set of curved slots that provided a friction fit for Vinten sticks. the ony problem: the slots had to be cut very precise of the table wouldn't sit level. It did work, however.

Instead, I used a music stand - the type which has a closed back and can be tiled to any angle. they're very common. Originally I wanted to condense my space as much as possible so I didn't want an additional thing taking up space. But since I'm a musician and already had the music stand, i used it (I said i was cheap...). It worked out very well - it fully supported the LCD monitor, with room left over to work as a table for other items I was using.

Thanks to everyone for their help in this.

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