Video Out Question

Posted by Tom 
Video Out Question
July 05, 2001 10:11AM
<HTML>Could anyone tell me what the following is a symptom of? After working on a Sequence for a while, the video out on the Camera Screen (and TV monito)r break up with flashing gray pixels-like squares. I have to quit FCP and then relaunch it so as to play clearly off the timeline again.

I have 256 Megs of RAM on a beige G3/333 (now with an XLR8 G4/500 update card) running OS 8.6 with FCP 1.2.1</HTML>
Re: Video Out Question
July 05, 2001 11:09AM
<HTML>You may try cleaning the head of your camera device.</HTML>
Re: Video Out Question
July 05, 2001 12:12PM
<HTML>What version QT are you using. Sounds to me like that may be your problem? Are you using 5? If so, best to downgrade to 4.1.2 with 8.6 and FCP 1.2.1. If you are using 4.1.2 then re install QT Pro including the SOUND MANAGER and preferences.

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