Standard DV from a Sony HDR-FX1

Posted by Ray Mikota 
Standard DV from a Sony HDR-FX1
May 16, 2006 10:32AM
I am importing Standard DV, shot with a Sony HDR-FX1, in Standard DV mode, into FCP studio and it doesn't look good, some banding, horizontal digital bands every few pixels. help.

FCP doesn't recognize my HDR-FX1. is that ok?

Are there drivers that I can't find for the FX1?
Is there a magic codec for digitizing?
Is ther a magic codec for for editing HDV shot on a n FX1?, I can see the compression bands in this video too.


Re: Standard DV from a Sony HDR-FX1
May 16, 2006 11:11AM
OK, a few questions...

Are you capturing from the fx-1 directly? what FCP are you using? You are positive it was shot in DV? Are you looking on a broadcast monitor?

If you are using the fx-1, make sure the camera is set up properly. On the menu for playback set format to Auto. The blue light on the side will light up if its DV or HDV.

FCP should recognize the camera through firewire, if it doesn't, reboot and repair permissions, etc, and try to get it to work.

There is no magic codec or driver, if its true DV,i.e. test its playback on another DV camera, it should capture fine using the DV capture settings. If you have FCP 5, you will have the capture setting for HDV.

Finally, always make sure how it looks on a actual TV, HDV has a lot of compression so FCP just might not be playing it back right. Also, the capture window preview is pretty inaccurate. See how it looks coming out on a monitor before making your final verdict
Re: Standard DV from a Sony HDR-FX1
May 16, 2006 01:49PM
I'm using FCP Studio 5 and capturing direct firewire..
I'll try and repair permissions (how) because FCP does not recognize the FX1 like it does my sony 110 SD video makes the tape I shot in the FX1 look like crap ola too......

On an HD plasma TV from the FX1 Via comopont cables the footage looks really good. I'ts just when I digitiz it with either cam it looks bad.

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