PC to Mac video files

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PC to Mac video files
May 22, 2006 03:45PM
I'm in the process of putting together a Mac FCP suite and have large number of projects that were captured from a Matrox card with Premiere 6 on a Dell Precision. Can these files be moved to the new system, or do i have to start again?

Re: PC to Mac video files
May 22, 2006 08:54PM
Then those would be AVI files. Many of the FCPs know how to deal with AVI, but they have to be the right types. Someone showed up here last week with AVI files encoded with the INDIO Encoder.

So not going to happen. The client ended up squatting in from of my PC and screening the footage there. I couldn't even get it back into Premiere.

We have had excellent luck with "uncompressed" AVIs. We produced several demo reels like that, but those files are really large and you're stuck if you already have the files.

Send one or two of them to somebody you trust and ask them to convert them for you to see if it works. What always suffers is the color. Natural scenes always end up looking like a Sunday Morning Cartoon.


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