reconnecting media..

Posted by Scott Erickson 
reconnecting media..
June 06, 2006 02:10PM
I have a project where half the media has gone offline. Basically, the quicktime clips are still there but it seems like FCP has lost all connection with them. When i go to reconnect, FCP doesn;t remember the clip name and only calls it "," so i have to manually search for everyone. When i reconnect the clip in the bin, it doesn't update the clips in the sequences. So now i have to update every clip in the timelines individually as well as in the bin.

Somehow the project file got corrupted related to these older clips and the same goes for all of the older project files. Does anyone see a way to get these files back with out re-importing and losing my work? Im thinking media manager might but i've always been completely oblvious to this feature so i don't know what it can or can;t do. ok, well just throwing this out there...
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