FS100 - anyone using?

Posted by bdplaid 
FS100 - anyone using?
June 08, 2006 02:51PM

is anyone using a Firestore FS100 with an HVX200 and FCP? How do you like it? any problems?


Re: FS100 - anyone using?
June 08, 2006 05:03PM
Go to the P2 forum at the Creative Cow and read all the posts. Lots of peole using it there with varying results.

Re: FS100 - anyone using?
June 08, 2006 11:39PM
Hi, Thanks,

yes, I was already there and it's where I've gotten my initial info. just wondering if folks here are using it and to what effect.


Re: FS100 - anyone using?
June 09, 2006 06:04PM
I've just started using one with my HVX200. Initially I had some issues with blocking and subsequently Focus put a firmware update out which seems to have solved the issue for me, although others report the issue even after the update.

As FCP ( and most other NLE's) has no support for 720p 25/50 I have been mainly using it to capture 1080 25p and it has performed very well. I have done some 720p tests using the HD Log 720p 25 workaround and again this was handled fine by the FS100. Not yet done any DV25 or DV50 records, where you can specify more recording options.

The menu layout is quite deep and a lot of options are offered, but once you have got your head around what you need for each setup it becomes quite a simple process.

Overall it seems like a good product on release (apart from the afore mentioned firmware upgrade) and should hopefully be kept updated via the firmware as and when any other issues arise.

Mostly happy FS100 user,
Re: FS100 - anyone using?
June 10, 2006 09:31AM
I agree after an initial dropout issue with the firestore 100 which they
fixed with an update, things have gone well. I found Focus Enhancements
and Jan of Panasonic very helpful in trying to get the issue fixed.
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