Audio randomly goes mute in timeline

Posted by shelleyrae 
Audio randomly goes mute in timeline
June 09, 2006 08:16PM
This post is a two part question:

I have a strange thing happening in my latest project. Occassionally the sound will mute in the canvas and/or the browser. I have not pushed the mute button. If I close the project and open it again most of the the time the sound comes back on. I'll work for a while and then it will mute again. Any ideas on why this would happen?

Also, I'm wondering if there are any regular maintenance things I should be doing to avoid curruption and save headaches down the line. I've heard of trashing preferences or locking prefences but is there any thing else I should do on a regular basis besides making sure I have the latest software updates?
Anonymous User
Re: Audio randomly goes mute in timeline
June 10, 2006 03:44AM
Sounds like dropping out rather than muting. Have you mix down your audio? You sure audio is set to same as your audio settings in your sequence settings?

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