OT: domestic gear Q
June 10, 2006 08:48AM
so i got a new portable DVD player, very cool.

brief diversion:
the one i really wanted was built for a car, it looked a bit more rugged.
but it only had cigarette lighter power!
they talked me out of it saying the converters were too tricky sad smiley

anyway, now i've got a dainty little thing
which delivers 5.1 out its optical out socket..

and i've got a 5yr old all-in-one "home theatre" piece of plastic
(a miracle of modern science!)
with just a Video Disc audio in" (2RCAs)

any way to convert?
i guess it'll be some sort of box type thing.. but what type?
or do i need to buy another piece of plastic?


Re: OT: domestic gear Q
June 10, 2006 09:45AM
colour me stupod!

just use the analogue outs, nick...

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