Problems Burning DVD

Posted by Robert 
Problems Burning DVD
July 12, 2006 07:49AM
Hello All!

I am trying to burn my film to DVD using Toast Titanium 6, on my G4 powerbook with superdrive (aluminum 15", 2 years old). Last week a burned a whole bunch on verbatim dvd-r and it worked perfectly. Now I have a new batch of verbatim dvd-r and I cant burn any of them. I get the error with already 6 blank dvds:

sense key=medium error
sense code= 0x73, 0x03

With princo dvd-r it still works (but they dont make printable ones.)

Any advice??

Thank you very much!

Re: Problems Burning DVD
July 12, 2006 08:47AM

It's not unusual for a company to change the formulation and kill a bunch of users. Maxell went through this a while ago. Ritek was making their disks and they worked just fine. Then Maxell started coating their own and their reliability went into the toilet.

Ritek-Ridata still makes the original formula (so far) and that has worked pretty well.

We use Sony exclusively, but it's not printable.

You can use a program called "DVD Media Inspector" to figure out what you have. If you have any older stock left, I bet they have a different signature than the newer disks.


Re: Problems Burning DVD
July 12, 2006 09:42AM

You can kill a burner, too.

Find a 4G file or files that add up to 4G. Close all applications. Put a blank disk in the burner and OK the mount dialog. Pull the 4G file over to the disk and burn it as a Data DVD (not a movie DVD). Do that three times.

If that survives, then the disk and drive get along. If that fails no matter which disk type you use (try to find Sonys for this test), then your burner is toast (so to speak).


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