Posted by Danielle P 
August 05, 2006 12:57AM
Hi, I want to make part of an edited sequence play backwards. Anyone know HOW?

I'm using FCP Version 3 (old, I know) and I'm on Mac OS X, Version 10.3.9.


Danielle P
Re: Backwards
August 05, 2006 01:05AM
Dirt simple. Modify > Speed (or cmd-J) > check box "Reverse". That will do it.

I'm still using FCP 3 too. But it's the same with all of them, I think.

Re: Backwards
August 05, 2006 01:15AM
Thanks, Scott!!!

Danielle P
Re: Backwards
August 05, 2006 03:31AM
you'll have a MUCH better reverse with the free " G Reverse " plugin from Graham Nattress


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