Titles for broadcast

Posted by justin Richard 
Titles for broadcast
August 08, 2006 02:55PM
Looking for the best settings when doing titles in Live Type for a DVpro 50 project going to broadcast?

Any suggestions?



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Re: Titles for broadcast
August 08, 2006 03:47PM
Just rules of thumb here-

Test the round trip from FCP to LT and include a background from the FCP timeline. See if LiveType is still trashing media. it did that to me several times and frankly, I haven't given LT another look. Also: no crawl support that i can see, compared to Calligraphy's controls over size and kerning. Livetype appears to remain perfect for extreme sports video titles. If that's what you need, go for it.

No smaller than a font size which fills the screen with 12 lines of type.
No more than 40 characters per line of type.
No fancy filligrees and serifs which might get caught between scanlines.
Watch your text colors-- certain colors vibrate and crawl at near-illegal luminance.

I use Boris Calligraphy-- Title 3D and Title Crawl.

- Loren
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Re: Titles for broadcast
August 08, 2006 05:08PM
You might consider putting up the Title Safe pattern so your titles don't migrate out too far to the edges of the screen. Not everybody is going to watch this on an iBook.

The general rule is stay within the middle 80% of the screen. (That's the boil-down of several pages of complicated television standards)

I'd also stay away form full white on titles. 80% or 90% looks fine and won't get you into trouble with equpment that is sensitive to whites (like television transmitters).


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Re: Titles for broadcast
August 08, 2006 11:34PM
Here's a few overlays of actual After Effects title safe / action safe guides you can use in FCP in your timeline. Just drop them in the top track over all your video and apply the "Screen" Transfer Mode (makes the black invisible).

720 x 480 Title Safe / Action Safe:

720 x 486 Title Safe / Action Safe:

These may be useful for the FAQ too, Mike smiling smiley

- Joey

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Re: Titles for broadcast
August 09, 2006 03:47PM
And they're correct--at least the 720:480 one is. I didn't check the other one.

I'm not being bonkers, here, or at least no more than normal. One of the suppliers of special effects software had a "safe" graphic that was actually wrong. I certified the one in Final Cut (ver 3) and I measured this one. Both conform to SMPTE-27.3 except for the corners which nobody ever gets right.

So y'all can breathe easy.


Re: Titles for broadcast
August 09, 2006 04:17PM
...they're both correct

When life gives you dilemmas...make dilemmanade.

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