multi image show on miniDV?

Posted by Henrik Björlin 
multi image show on miniDV?
August 13, 2006 04:02PM
Hi, everyone,

Anyone out there working with multi-image shows in FCP?

I have been asked to contribute with a short slideshow as a part of a longer video presentation. It is a lowbudget thing, shot with a CANON MX1, miniDV, edited in FCP.

Would you say that video is unsuitable for showing stills as a multi-image show (landscape footage from the air)?
Is it possible to make the pics look crisp and vivid or would it be a low-rez blurry feeling about it?
What would you say about how the stills look on video compared to, for example a keynote or powerpoint presentation on a screen?

I prepare the stills in Photoshop. TIFF-format, 768 X 576 to compensate for the distortion, 150-300 dpi to get a little headroom for zoom and pan. I am working in PAL.

Everything looks fine on my mac, but as I have learnt from this forum, never judge what you see from your computor screen.

I use a PowerBook G4 15", 1 GB RAM, Maxtor external drive. FCP 4.5.

Any advice or suggestions are much appreciated. On preparing the stills...on the settings in FCP...I just assume that I have to work with the same settings as the video guy will use....Suggestions for other software for this purpose?

Many thanks

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Re: multi image show on miniDV?
August 15, 2006 02:06AM
I guess it depends on your needs, Henrik. Stills look great in Keynote. I've built complete slideshows containing classc multimedia image layouts in that app.

[Any advice or suggestions are much appreciated. On preparing the stills..]

You may discover 150-300 dpi to be inadequate, depending on your original artwork size.

I prepared this article a couple years ago, which I admit covers the waterfront but does contain specifics on intelligent scanning of stills, troubleshooting the image, etc. Check it out:


- Loren
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