HD Edit Suite part deux

Posted by Aaron Zander 
HD Edit Suite part deux
September 20, 2006 04:25PM
ok so last we all talked, I was coming up with the basics of the room, and hoping that it would happen.

We got the word the other day that another department is purchasing a dvc pro Hd deck and hd monitor to set up into a lab we design!

so here's what we are going for

mac pro 3.0 ghz of processing power
8 gigs of ram (purchased separately)
500 gig hd set up an ide drive in the second optical port for the boot (sent this way from apple)
and we would build a 2tb sata raid internally
ati radeon X1900
kona 3 card w/ breakout box (currently 2765 w/ tax/shipping)

so that?s all set, but what we are trying to look at is a full set of scopes waveform, vector scope.
The question is we can't spend on a whole lot on them, and we were wondering if a standard def set of scopes will work with hd, or if there is some other sort of compromise that can be made

Re: HD Edit Suite part deux
September 20, 2006 04:32PM
Standard Def scopes will not work with HD footage. You will need HD scopes which run between $4k and $18k. Or, you can get Final Touch HD for $4k and use the software scopes from that, which are spot on. I hear that FCP has fixed their internal software scopes, but it bears some testing on how they deal with HD. The current ones miss a lot, and required me to do a bit of workarounding (is that a word?).

An HD monitor isn't cheap either. $4k for lower end LCD which might be "decent" to $17k for good reliable LCD, then to $10k-$35k for CRT monitors.


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Re: HD Edit Suite part deux
September 20, 2006 04:37PM
the monitor it self is taken care of but thanks for that. we have a preview monitor coming with the deck.

ok, I will recomend final touch then thanks shane
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