picture crawl effect

Posted by bdplaid 
picture crawl effect
October 26, 2006 03:11PM

I'm looking for a simple filter in FCP or Motion that will allow me to specify a bunch of pictures and do an automatic crawl (right to left) of all of them. I'm looking to avoid doing them all by hand in the motion tab.

the push transition pasted between each of them works, but the timing gets a little goofy here and there.


Re: picture crawl effect
October 26, 2006 04:38PM
Try the Throw behavior in Motion.
Re: picture crawl effect
October 26, 2006 05:04PM
If the pictures are of one size, perform the motion on one of them, then either use Copy/Paste Attributes to apply to all the pictures or make the Motion into a Favorite Motion object in your Browser. Drop that into any picture where you want the effect.

Re: picture crawl effect
October 26, 2006 06:41PM
Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the pics are all of different sizes so the speeds will be different. I just want this folder of pics to crawl by, all at the same speed.

I tried this in iPhoto, and it almost works there. But the pics stop for a bit while it does that stupid Ken Burns Effect (whoever in their right mind named simple photomation that? but i digress...).

I'll try the Throw effect, and will also try the cut/paste fave Motion thing anyway, even though i think it won't work.

as i said, so far the best thing has been a push transition copied to all the dits.

Re: picture crawl effect
October 26, 2006 08:54PM
You can do this in FCP as Derek said. The speed will be constant. Just make a new timeline, add your first pic, then drag it offscreen and set a keyframe. Move forward 2 seconds (or whatever length you need) , drag the pic offscreen to the opposite side of the frame and set another keyframe.

Then on a new layer, offset by, say, 20 frames, add your next pic. Click on your first pic and copy it, then click on your second clip and paste attributes, selecting basic motion.

Continue until youv'e added all the clips. Then add this sequence above your original timeline. You can do the whole thing in the same timeline if you like, this is just neater.

Here's some e.g.s

You can see the finished example .mov here. (about 188kb)
Crawl Example Movie

Re: picture crawl effect
October 27, 2006 06:38AM

Thanks mucho, I'll give it a try. wow, that a lot of work you did; good job, and thanks again,

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