DVCPRO50 30fps to 24fps - slomo
October 27, 2006 10:40PM
Greetings and my first post,

Shot a music video last week on the SDX-900, the job is a mix of 24pA and 30p in DVCPRO50. We can handle the capturing of the 24pA and 30p. However, the 30p needs to be slowed to 24fps for editorial. The 30p mateiral is greenscreen elements that need to be motion tracked. What is the best method to convert from 30p to 24p, was a 1:1 frame conversion (slow motion). The footage will be captured as DVCPRO50 and I'd like to avoid an additional layer of DV50 codec compression, prior to pulling the keys, if at all possible.


Capture 24pA material as 24fps DV50. Capture 30p as 30i DV50, convert to 24fps DV50. Edit project (another editor, another shop), export DV50 edits with handles, for color correction, motion tracking, and keying in AE. AE renders back to DV50 (2nd generation with DV50 codec). In FCP, DV50 sequence, master show and lay to DVCPRO50 & DBeta.

Is there a way to convert DVCPRO50 30p to 24p (fps) without a de-re-compression round?
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