audio crackles

Posted by Dougie 
audio crackles
June 25, 2001 09:10PM
<HTML>Mp3 Audio (wild) crackles and pops if I import it or drag it into the browser. I've tried pref'ing 44.1 vs 48k, rendering it and exporting it as a wav or aif- still crackles. I got it working last month but I don't know why its any different! FCP 1.25/g3 466 120RAM dedicated of 224.</HTML>
Re: audio crackles
June 25, 2001 11:43PM
<HTML>Are you using QT 5? It just doesn't handle MP3s very well. Last QT verson to handle MP3s pretty well was QT 4.03. Even then it was pretty sucky.

Since you are working with 1.2.5, you can go back to 4.03 if you can find it.

Quite frankly ther is not alot you an do to make MP3s pristine other thanto bring them into Peak and sweeten there.

Re: audio crackles
June 25, 2001 11:59PM
<HTML>Yes I have 5 I suspect trouble since IT won't even let me "export"
(conflict?) But what is Peak?</HTML>
Re: audio crackles
June 26, 2001 01:05AM
<HTML>[] Click on Products.

I don't think there is any conflict. it's just that 5 doesn't handle MP3s.

Re: audio crackles
June 26, 2001 09:02AM
<HTML>Yep... Peak LE does straightforward conversion to 48k then to .wav and then I import file into FCP1.25 no problem:clean. I don't know about 2.0 though. Thanks</HTML>
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