Advanced pulldown question

Posted by razorbabyy 
Advanced pulldown question
December 06, 2006 05:24PM
I know this has been asked before, and I've read a few posts, but I feel the need to ask.....

I am trying to capture Anamorphic DV NTSC 24PA material into FCP 5.1.2

What is the best way to do this?

I can not (for some rason) capture with the "remove advanced pulldown" setting.

But is there a way to removed the pulldown after it's been captured as 29.97?

I will eventually need to make DVD's and/or compress for the web for the finished product.

Any help?
Re: Advanced pulldown question
December 06, 2006 05:38PM
What happens when you capture with remove advanced pulldown?

You can remove advanced pulldown after you capture. It's a menu command. I am not in front of FCP right now but it's there under tools I think.

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Re: Advanced pulldown question
December 07, 2006 11:13AM

I get an error message saying something like "Error- stopped at t" . I get this message both when I try to digitize with the pulldown removal, and when I try to remove the pulldown as you suggested after I captured DV NTSC anamorphic.

Does that error message sound familiar?
Re: Advanced pulldown question
December 07, 2006 02:21PM
That doesn't sound good. Are you using underpowered drives or an older Mac? I'd trash prefs and try again. Either method should be working.

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Re: Advanced pulldown question
December 07, 2006 09:13PM
Are you getting the Spinning Beach Ball Of Death?

Re: Advanced pulldown question
December 12, 2006 12:56AM
If you're getting an error at t, usually that means you have a break in your timecode OR a break in the cadence pattern. Did you resolve this? I'm working on a big doc right now shot in 24pA also and am curious to know if it's just the speed of the drives.
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