Log and Capture - "Preview Disabled"

Posted by anthem 
Log and Capture - "Preview Disabled"
January 27, 2007 04:45PM
Hey guys...

I've been trying to capture some footage and everything sems to be working fine (ie, I can control my camera and set in points and out points from my computer), but in the preview screen, all i get are the colored bars and a message saying "preview disabled." My machine also runs extra slow while I'm trying to capture footage and I get a lot of that spinning rainbow thing (just in log and capture mode, though). I am aware that I need to upgrade my memory, but I can't see that being the problem with the preview window. Any suggestions? I checked the FAQ as I was hoping there was an easy fix for this, but found nothing. I have created projects on this achine before using the same tapes, so I'm pretty confused.


Macbook Pro, 1.5 G RAM, 14 free Gigs on system drive, 222 free gigs on external drive

Edit - I did some digging and it seems like a ton of people had the same problem and fixed it by trashing prefs...This didn't work for me, so if there are any other suggestions, I would appreciate it.
Re: Log and Capture - "Preview Disabled"
January 27, 2007 07:43PM
Hi Brad,
I know how frustrated that problem could be.
The first suggestion would be to open up the audio/video setting by 'option+command+Q' and
make sure you have all the right settings for your project.

If you find that you have all the settings properly set up, you could switch the device control
set up in the very same audio/video setting window. But you'd better off trying this on Capture
Window under 'Capture setting' tab since you can see the result right away.
I know that this sound kind of awkward, but FCP seems to mis-judge the camera or deck you are
using, sometimes.

I had some experiences with DVCPro 50 decks. Some decks would work just fine,
but with some decks, FCP wouldn't recognize it at all. Having said this, it might be the deck or
camera you are using, too. If it is essential to preview, I'd imagine it would be, try to get another
camera or deck to work with if none of the above solutions don't work for you.

Hope this helps,

Re: Log and Capture - "Preview Disabled"
January 27, 2007 08:04PM
Just one more quick note,
I'm sure you've tried, but it is always a good option to turn off FCP and turn it back on.
It might sound weird, but it is another very good option, too, to turn off your computer
and unplug the power cord, give it a minute or two, and start it up again.
Once upon a time when I was chasing horribly by a deadline, there was an error, which
I tried all the things that I could possibly try, but nothing did anything. One person
suggested me to power it off and unplug, which seemed very.. well, waste of a try, but
only because I was desperate, I tried, and viola! It solved the problem like it was
nobody's business.

Re: Log and Capture - "Preview Disabled"
January 27, 2007 09:24PM

I have to admit, it did sound funny, but I had tried everything else, so I turned off and unplugged the computer then started it back up. Shazam! Problem solved! I think FCP as a whole is running smoother, too.

Thank you so much for the suggestion! I'm too tired to start working now, but I will sleep better tonight knowing the problem is fixed!

Take Care,
Re: Log and Capture - "Preview Disabled"
January 27, 2007 11:47PM
I'm really glad that solved your problem. I think OSX kind of resets
something when we do that procedure, which I have no idea what it is.

Good luck on your project,
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