Sound Problems on FCP/cameras

Posted by Micky 
Sound Problems on FCP/cameras
February 01, 2007 11:55AM
Just like to thank everybody who replied to my students sound problems quite a while ago. It has taken me quite a while to sort them out. But have had some limited success. They had shot some of the scenes with different cameras so I could sync the sound of the Sony PD150 to the clips captured on the Sony DSR 200.

With the Sony DSR Clips I still had to use I had a 50% improvement by experimenting with everybody's suggestions and the one that worked was the low pass filter and the 3 band graphic EQ by sweeping each clip and keyframing at the beginning and the end then listened for the best setting imbetween.

The problem with the DSR as was suggested by you and was found to be a lose solderd joint internally on the microphone. But both cameras do still have hiss as I have read when investigating the problem. I now need to get the college to invest in a mixer so we can use a boom mic.

Thanks again to everybody who helped. It was very much appreciated by myself and my students here in the uk

Thanks again
Re: Sound Problems on FCP/cameras
February 01, 2007 12:01PM
After doing a Low Pass, try applying a Noise Gate and Compressor. The Noise Gate may help you get rid of the remaining hiss if it's low enough, and judicious compression can give a more solid-sounding mix.

Of course, the best way to salvage this is probably with ADR. My director and I just did a sound mix at a major sound facility, possibly the best in the business, and they ADRed 60 per cent of our dialogue, but did it so well that nine times out of 10, even I couldn't see any sync problems...and I had the cadence of the entire film's production dialogue memorized.
Re: Sound Problems on FCP/cameras
February 01, 2007 12:05PM
You don't necessarily need a mixer. Just something to get the Mic away from the camera noise.
Something like this [] or this [] or this []
would allow you to use better mics, even phantom powered ones and let you mix and match them to avoid repeating your past experience. Boxes like these can keep your bulk factor down while allowing your audio quality to go up.

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