Standards for DBL levels

Posted by J.Corbett 
Standards for DBL levels
February 24, 2007 07:25PM
i always set my levels to dance around -12dbls but iwas reading a thread and someone was saying that the use different levels for different mediums. i use 12 because most of my stuff is on a cable channel.

but what other levels would you use for:
1. web streaming
2. dvd
3. a projector screen inside a business

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Re: Standards for DBL levels
February 24, 2007 08:07PM

If you can stand the download (I gotta fix that one of these days), These videos illustrate the difference between the broadcast levels and what they look like in Final Cut.

Lots of people do what you're doing--artifically creating broadcast levels within Final Cut. Just don't put -12 tone at the top of the tape. -12ish sound levels demand a -20 tone. Watch the videos.

I advocate creating a normal show and then mis-calibrate the DigiBeta or Beta SP (or other) so everything comes out even.

The other clients are a little fuzzier. We've been OK with normal DV levels (-4 to -6) for DVD use. The disks seem to play OK on all our standard quality control systems.

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