Pal and NTSC mixed

Posted by Lisha 
Pal and NTSC mixed
March 06, 2007 02:28PM
Hello to all,

I have a 2-camera shoot coming up. Both cameras are Canon XL1. One is NTSC, the other is PAL. What is the workflow for the 2 different formats? Will there be a noticeable difference between the 2 formats?

As always, thanks in advanced?


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Re: Pal and NTSC mixed
March 06, 2007 02:36PM
The workflow will be a pain. I'd avoid it if at all possible.

However, what I'd do, if I had to go with this, is to:

Shoot the PAL XL1 in frame mode to get 25p. Use cinema tools on that footage to convert to 23.98fps by slowing down with the conform option.

For the NTSC footage, I'd use my converter plugin to convert it to 23.98fps. Then everything will have a similar, filmic look. You're going to be on a long long time converting though, and there will still be slight visual differences. Best is to just use one camera....


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Re: Pal and NTSC mixed
March 06, 2007 05:30PM
<<<The workflow will be a pain. I'd avoid it if at all possible. >>>

When you find out how difficult this is going to be to achieve marginal results, you will personally write the check for the rental on a second matching camera. If you do go with the 25P to 23.98 process, please note that there is going to be a slight sound sync issue because in order to work, the PAL material will have to change speeds. The time signals associated with this work are going to be slightly off, too.

You didn't need matching lips and voice, did you?

We're not kidding. Your best option is to run away very fast or take steps to make sure the show is not shot as you described it.

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